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Construction Crane Facts You may Not Be Aware Of

Construction Crane Facts

Did you know that cranes have been around for thousands of years now? The very first cranes were used by the Ancient Greeks all the way back in 500 B.C. And while cranes have obviously evolved a lot since that time, they’re still every bit as useful today as they were back then when they… Read more »

What Crane Do I need to Rent?

It can be confusing trying to figure out which crane you want to rent for a construction project. Do you want a heavy-duty tower crane that will stay put for weeks to come—or a truck-mounted crane that you can roll in and out as necessary throughout the duration of your next job? Here are some… Read more »

Safety Myths Regarding Construction Cranes

Crane Safety Myths

Whenever you’re preparing to use a crane for a construction project, it’s important for you to be as careful as you can be with it. Crane safety should be at the forefront of your mind whenever a crane is on your construction site. If you don’t take crane safety seriously enough, it could be catastrophic…. Read more »

Considerations to Make Before Renting a Crane

Rented crane at a construction site

When you rent a crane for a construction project, you’ll be able to tackle all kinds of tasks that would be impossible otherwise. But before you reserve a crane rental, there are several things that you should consider. Ask yourself these questions prior to booking a crane for your next construction job. Do you have… Read more »

What Is the Day-to-Day Like for a Modern Crane Operator?

Crane Operator

Crane operators are, in myriad ways, the backbone of the construction industry. There are more than 40,000 crane operators in the U.S. today, and they play a vital role in helping build all kinds of structures all across the country. Crane operators are required to obtain the proper training and licenses prior to getting to… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Crane For Your Project

Tower Crane

Do you need to rent a crane for your next construction project? Before you do, it’s important for you to make sure you choose the right crane based on the work that needs to be done. There are so many different cranes that can come in handy on a construction site. Here is how to… Read more »

How Tower Cranes Are Put Together for Construction Sites

Tower Cranes

It would be pretty much impossible for construction companies to build tall buildings and carry out other large-scale projects without the use of tower cranes. Tower cranes are incredibly important pieces of equipment in the construction industry. Nevertheless, before companies can start using tower cranes, they have to spend weeks and, in some cases, even… Read more »

What Can Crane Operators Do Combat Strong Winds?

Wind and Construction Cranes

There are dozens of tragic crane-related accidents that take place across the U.S. every year. And more often than not, strong winds play at least a small role in many of these accidents. It can be very dangerous for a crane operator to use a crane when it’s windy outside, which is why operators need… Read more »

Examples of Safe Crane Operation Practices

Crane operator adjusting lift

Cranes can really come in handy on a construction site. They can help contractors do everything from picking up heavy loads to grabbing building materials and putting them in the right place for installation. Nevertheless, cranes can also pose a big safety risk on a construction site when they aren’t used correctly. Almost 50 people… Read more »

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Doing Boom Lifts

Boom Lift Safety Tips

Construction companies use boom lifts on job sites to complete a wide variety of tasks. Boom lifts can give your employees access to areas of a worksite that they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Nevertheless, when using boom lifts, your employees need to be as safe as they can possibly be at all times…. Read more »