How Are Cranes Manufactured?

Construction CranesWithout cranes, it would be pretty much impossible for the construction industry to operate in the way that it does today. Cranes make it easy for those in construction to put together tall buildings and other structures throughout the world. But what people don’t always realize is that manufacturing cranes is quite the process itself. Get a new appreciation for cranes by finding out how cranes are made below.

It all starts with molten steel.

High-strength low-alloy steel is used to make most of the cranes on the market right now. It’s known to be lighter and more energy efficient than other types of steel used in the past, and at the same time, it’s very strong and capable of lifting heavy loads. When manufacturers are in the process of creating a crane, they kickstart things by preparing molten steel for the job.

Various processes are used to create the individual parts for a crane.

From a distance, it might be hard to see this. But the average crane consists of a bunch of different parts that are all put together on a job site one by one. There are many different processes that are utilized to create these parts while using molten steel. The steel plates found on a crane, for example, are made by subjecting steel to high pressure through the use of rollers. Precision-cutting tools are used to shape and size parts once they’re finished to ensure their accuracy.

Some parts for a crane are assembled before the crane is delivered to a buyer.

As we just mentioned, most cranes are made up of a bunch of different parts that are put together on job sites. But there are some parts that are welded and bolted together during the manufacturing process. This takes place once all of the different parts have been made. It often occurs in a different manufacturing facility than the one used to create the parts. Companies will also put cranes through extensive testing before they’re delivered to whoever is buying them.

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