Modular Home Set. Arlington, MA

Crosby Valve  Wrentham, MA

Water Tower Project.  Nantucket, MA

Hydraulic Press Lift Springfield, MA

Tower Crane Removal.  Stamford, CT

We provide powerful, industrial-grade crane service and tower cranes in Massachusetts and other areas across New England.  Our cranes can be seen at residential, industrial, professional and civil construction sites from Arlington to Springfield and beyond.  We are happy to serve the needs of our community and help it grow every day.

Browse our gallery of videos and pictures to see what our fleet of cranes and professional crane operators at work.  We have helped rebuild lives in the wake of tornadoes, grow businesses and even erect town water towers.  Our equipment can be seen at the top of high-rise buildings in Stamford and moving multiple-ton industrial equipment in Springfield.  Every project is conducted with detailed attention to safety and careful preservation of all equipment involved.

These videos and pictures show our fleet in action and illustrate only a small subset of our capabilities.  For more information on our services, rental rates, availability and more, contact Astro Crane via phone or email.