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How Do Cranes Rise Atop the World’s Tallest Skyscraper?

Cranes and Skyscrapers

If you’ve ever looked at a skyscraper as it’s being built, you’ve probably wondered how in the world the contractors working on it managed to get a crane on top of the building. Tall skyscrapers can be hundreds and, in some cases, even thousands of feet high, so how the heck do they manage to… Read more »

Training Trends in the Crane Industry

Crane Training

Training has always been of the utmost importance in the crane industry. Cranes are heavy-duty pieces of equipment that can cause a lot of damage and injuries if they aren’t used properly. Therefore, before a person is allowed to operate a crane, he or she is required to undergo a lot of training. That training… Read more »

What Responsibilities Do Crane Owners Have?

Crane Owenrs

Undoubtedly, you need to be incredibly responsible when using a crane. A crane is a piece of heavy-duty equipment in and to itself, and when you combine the weight of it with the weight of the items that you will pick up with the crane, you can imagine how dangerous it can be if you… Read more »

Which Construction Crane Do You Need?

Construction Cranes

Cranes can play a very important role in finishing a construction project. However, before you bring a crane onto a job site, you need to learn about the different types of construction cranes and choose the one that will ultimately be the most beneficial to you. Each type of crane is designed to perform a… Read more »

Things Crane Operators Should Consider Before Lifting

Construction Cranes

Most of the crane accidents that take place in the U.S. every year are completely preventable. They typically happen because a crane operator forgets to check on equipment before conducting a lift or because the operator conducts the lift too quickly without taking the proper safety precautions. Therefore, if you are still new to operating… Read more »

The Process of Becoming a Professional Crane Operator

Crane Operator

Does the idea of controlling a crane sound appealing to you? If so, there are plenty of companies looking for professional crane operators right now. But before you land a job working on a crane, you are going to need to follow a few steps. Take a look at how you can turn yourself into… Read more »

The Process of Raising and Lowering a Construction Crane

Construction Cranes

Have you ever looked up at the top of a tall building with a crane on it and wondered how it got there? Or better yet, have you ever wondered how in the world the contractors in charge of using the crane plan on getting it down from the top of the building once they… Read more »

The Different Parts of a Tower Crane

If you walk on to just about any major construction site, there’s a good chance that you will see a large tower crane towering over top of it. Tower cranes typically rise several hundred feet into the air, and they are used to move a variety of things around on a job site. They are… Read more »

Tips for Improving Your Crane Operation


Cranes can help you tremendously on a job site. They make it remarkably easy to pick up heavy objects and to do it quickly. Nevertheless, if you plan on using a crane on a regular basis, you should really get into the habit of making sure that you’re doing it as safely as possible. One… Read more »

What Does Rigging Equipment Entail?

Crane Rigging Equipment

If you plan to use a crane to pick objects up and maneuver them around, then you are going to need to obtain rigging equipment to do it safely. Rigging equipment refers to all of the different devices that are used when lifting objects and positioning them in the way that you want them. Those… Read more »