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Tower Cranes Are Used to Perform Many Tasks

If you’ve ever been on a major construction site, there’s a good chance you have seen a tower crane on it. Tower cranes are used to pick up and move very heavy pieces of equipment and building materials. They often extend several hundred feet into the air, and they are capable of lifting things that… Read more »

The Importance of Hoist Brakes

Hoist Brakes

Cranes rely on a slew of moving parts when conducting a heavy lift. All of these parts must work together in order for the lift to go off without a hitch. One wrong move and a load could come crashing down or cause damage to nearby objects and structures. It’s why you need to be… Read more »

Crawler Cranes Vs. Hydraulic Cranes

Hydraulic vs Crawler Cranes

Are you thinking about bringing a crane onto your construction site to help handle heavy loads during your next project? There are a variety of cranes that you will be able to choose from. Two of the most popular types are crawler cranes and hydraulic truck cranes. Keep reading to find out some of the… Read more »

What Are the Causes of Crane Tipping?

Crane Tipping

Cranes can incredibly useful on construction sites. They can be utilized to pick up heavy loads and move them around. However, one of the dangers of using a crane to conduct a heavy lift is that it can tip over if you aren’t careful. Take a look at a few of the common causes of… Read more »

What is the Job of Crane Spotters?

Crane Spotters

Whenever you are conducting a lift with a crane, you will need more than just a crane operator to do it. You will also need a crane spotter who is qualified to point out any problems that could potentially pop up during a lift. The crane spotter plays a very important role in the overall… Read more »

How Weather Can Affect Rigging Sites

Crane Rigging

There are many potential problems that you could encounter when working with a crane. The weather is one of the biggest factors and could play a big role in your ability to use a crane safely. Before you start utilizing a crane to conduct lifts, you should check the weather to see if it will… Read more »

Think Safety First When Bringing a Construction Crane To Your Jobsite

Construction Cranes

Cranes are incredibly useful tools for those on a construction site. They can be used to pick up extremely heavy items and put them into place. Nevertheless, before you start conducting lifts on a construction site with a crane, you need to bring the crane onto your job site and unload it in the safest… Read more »

Chicago Continues to Set Crane Records

Construction Cranes

Back in 2010, there were only 12 tower cranes erected in the entire city of Chicago. There weren’t a lot of new buildings going up, and the expansion of the city seemed to be at a complete standstill. A lot of it had to do with the recent recession and the roll back in spending… Read more »

Is This The Future For Construction Cranes?

Construction Cranes

Cranes are incredibly useful tools for anyone in the construction industry. However, one of the biggest problems people have with them is that they require constant inspection and maintenance to keep them working efficiently and safely. Crane operators have to monitor their cranes at all times and check on them before and after using them… Read more »

How Do Cranes Rise Atop the World’s Tallest Skyscraper?

Cranes and Skyscrapers

If you’ve ever looked at a skyscraper as it’s being built, you’ve probably wondered how in the world the contractors working on it managed to get a crane on top of the building. Tall skyscrapers can be hundreds and, in some cases, even thousands of feet high, so how the heck do they manage to… Read more »