Liebherr Mobile Cranes Are Built to Go Anywhere

The Liebherr mobile crane can get jobs done in just about any location. Recently a small medieval town in France, Carcassonne, made use of the crane to complete a project in a tight space. Because the city is surrounded by walls, the crane had to fit through narrow areas in order to reach its destination…. Read more »

Benefits of using a mobile crane

Mobile cranes have a unique advantage over tower cranes because of their mobility.   Obviously, that’s a big advantage our mobile cranes have over stationary cranes, but there’s more than just being able to move freely if necessary. It’s about lifting, fitting into small places, set up time, how long the crane will be in… Read more »

Photos, videos and specs of the biggest mobile crane in New England

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to see our newest and biggest member of our team in action. With companies and businesses in need of heavy and high lifting will be glad to know they have a crane that can truly do it all. Recently, representatives from Liebherr, who make the awesome LTM 1500-8.1 crane, came… Read more »

Largest hydraulic crane in New England

New England’s most reliable and dependable crane rental company just got even bigger. AstroCRANE is proud to introduce its 600-ton Liebherr crane to its already impressive line of serviceable cranes. The new Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 all-terrain mobile crane instantly becomes the largest hydraulic crane in New England. It’s able to extend its boom around 500… Read more »

OSHA Working To Improve Crane Safety

As crane operators, safety is our most important goal. OSHA and the National Commission Certification Of Crane Operators have recently worked to take swift action on a new crane rule update. Last week, OSHA announced it intended to postpone the effective date of its crane operator certification requirements by three years.  It would now take… Read more »

Wind Power And Turbines

One of the areas where we’ve worked in the past is wind turbine assembly.  Wind power is a newer source of energy and becoming increasingly popular across the country.  The alternative energy source uses natural wind energy to generate electric power using a wind turbine to generate the power. In some areas, large wind farms… Read more »

Awareness and Preparation: Key Components to a Safe Crane Operating Environment

Safety is a primary concern when it comes to working on any construction site; and most importantly when operating a crane lift, amid other workers, equipment, buildings, power lines, and natural elements, such as lakes and rivers.   Various obstacles on the construction site can make crane operation much more difficult, but with properly trained… Read more »

Career Opportunities in the Crane Industry

There are many different jobs in the crane industry. If you’re seeking a career path in this industry, but aren’t sure about what your choices are, or what type of education and training you will need; listed below are some careers in the crane industry, and the specific training or certification needed for each. Crane… Read more »

What Can Happen When Crane Lifts Are Not Properly Set-Up

As with any major construction project; safety is extremely important. For projects involving cranes and lifts, it is key that each piece of equipment is setup properly and professionally to avoid any dangerous accidents from occurring. When it comes to setting up a lift for a crane; the more information provided in the beginning, the… Read more »

The Steps to Setting Up a Tower Crane

Tower cranes are large pieces of equipment used for moving oversized and heavy objects. The base of a tower crane is stationary, and they are often used in the construction industry in large building projects, to set steel beams into place, and many times, in the transportation industry to load and unload large freight. How… Read more »