When Were Cranes Invented?

Today, Astro Crane is known in New England for renting hydraulic cranes ranging from 6 to 600 tons. When someone needs to lift heavy objects high up in the air as they build a building, or transfer supplies from one place to another, cranes are the way to go. Can you imagine the world in… Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose AstroCrane

Located in Massachusetts and servicing all of New England, AstroCrane is one of the biggest and most reliable crane renting companies. Here are some reasons why we are the best place to go for your crane-renting needs. ●     Biggest Selection We have a wide range of different size cranes with our hydraulic cranes ranging from… Read more »

Tips For Avoiding an Accident When Operating a Crane

Cranes are massive machines moving extremely heavy things in the air, and the last thing a crane operator wants is an accident to occur. Imagine being the crane operator who “accidentally” smashes a steel beam through an office building’s windows—you don’t want to be that guy or gal. Today’s cranes are typically equipped with computers,… Read more »

What Are Cranes Most Often Used For?

If you were to build a tall building today, and you needed to get long, large, heavy steel beams or pipes up to the top floors, you would use a crane. Without cranes, many of the world’s important structures wouldn’t be possible. Cranes lift very heavy objects, some of which weigh thousands of pounds. You… Read more »

Why It Makes More Sense to Rent a Crane Rather Than Buy One

One thing is for sure: as time goes on, prices go up. Back in 1980, two guys—Rick Marshall and Martin Wright—started their own company to do welding and steel fabrication in Massachusetts. They had one crane. Today, the business has grown to become “Astro Crane Services,” with a fleet of over 20 cranes that get… Read more »

Why Crane Safety Is Truly Most Important

Astro Crane takes the safety if its employees, the workers on the jobsite and anyone involved in any construction project very seriously.  We don’t want anyone to see a serious injury while working.  Although there are always measures and training in place to prevent such accidents, they still always have the ability to occur.  … Read more »

The Importance of Specialized Lifting Equipment

Cranes have proven over and over again how instrumental they are in industries where heavy lifting is needed. As loads get heavier and heavier, the demand for specialized cranes and proficient operators gets higher.   Specialized lifting equipment like mobile cranes are responsible for lifting and moving heavy and awkward loads such as transformers, turbines… Read more »

Liebherr Mobile Cranes Are Built to Go Anywhere

The Liebherr mobile crane can get jobs done in just about any location. Recently a small medieval town in France, Carcassonne, made use of the crane to complete a project in a tight space. Because the city is surrounded by walls, the crane had to fit through narrow areas in order to reach its destination…. Read more »

Benefits of using a mobile crane

Mobile cranes have a unique advantage over tower cranes because of their mobility.   Obviously, that’s a big advantage our mobile cranes have over stationary cranes, but there’s more than just being able to move freely if necessary. It’s about lifting, fitting into small places, set up time, how long the crane will be in… Read more »

Photos, videos and specs of the biggest mobile crane in New England

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to see our newest and biggest member of our team in action. With companies and businesses in need of heavy and high lifting will be glad to know they have a crane that can truly do it all. Recently, representatives from Liebherr, who make the awesome LTM 1500-8.1 crane, came… Read more »