The Benefits of Attending a Mobile Crane Inspection Program

Crane InspectionAstro Crane is known for renting hydraulic cranes to those who need them in New England. The cranes range from 6 to 600 tons, and, as you could imagine, they shouldn’t be operated by just anyone. It takes knowledge and skill to operate heavy machinery.

Those interested in operating cranes should always be thinking of how they can improve their knowledge and skill so they can be the best crane operators they can be. And, as expected, safety is always an issue. Therefore, based on both government and manufacturers’ recommendations, mobile crane operators should take part in a mobile crane inspection program. It’s designed to provide the person with sufficient knowledge to then establish an in-house inspection program. You wouldn’t ask a person with no knowledge of cranes to inspect a crane and expect them to know what’s what, right? Exactly.

When someone knows all about a crane’s specs and how it’s supposed to operate, they can perform their job better, and they can share that valuable, potentially life-saving information with others on the job. The idea is that the more knowledge a crane operator has, the better off they’ll be, as well as all the people and buildings they work around. Furthermore, by knowing specifics of a crane, minor problems can be identified and fixed before they get out of hand and cause problems.

Mobile crane inspection programs instruct operators on a number of subjects, including rope lays, rope reeving, and operational parameters. Also, an operator will learn how to identify damaged chords and lacings on the boom, as well as how to inspect the boom installation so they’ll know it’s good-to-go. Even something as seemingly obvious as lubricating points get discussed in the program. Finally OSHA deficiencies and required safety placards are two other important topics covered in the program.

The point of participating in a mobile crane inspection program is to have knowledgeable, safe crane operators who do their jobs well without harming themselves, others or property.