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Considerations to Make Before Renting a Crane

Rented crane at a construction site

When you rent a crane for a construction project, you’ll be able to tackle all kinds of tasks that would be impossible otherwise. But before you reserve a crane rental, there are several things that you should consider. Ask yourself these questions prior to booking a crane for your next construction job. Do you have… Read more »

The Pros of Crane Rentals

Renting a Crane

Why buy a crane when you can rent one? Astro Crane of New England has an extensive, well-maintained crane fleet, with hydraulic cranes available for rent, ranging from 6 to 600 tons. Lower Cost Is cost an issue? Buying and owning a crane means you have to pay a lot of money and have somewhere… Read more »

Reasons to Rent Rather than Buy Crane Equipment

If you own a construction business, you might be tempted to buy all of the equipment that you will need to conduct your operations. However, did you know that, in many cases, it might make a whole lot more sense for you to rent rather than buy equipment? The most obvious reason for this is… Read more »

How Do Hydraulic Cranes Work?

Crane Service in MA

Hydraulic technology was first developed in ancient Egypt when water was funneled through viaducts to power irrigation systems. It’s come a long way since then, developed for use in all manners of industries, from construction to automobile manufacture. Modern hydraulic cranes were designed to lift immensely heavy objects to assist with moving materials, heaving wrecks… Read more »