How To Select The Right Crane For Your Project

Crane rentalsBefore you rent a crane from Astro Crane, there are several things you can ask us to ensure you’re renting the right crane for the job.

First, what’s the weight and size of the load to be lifted? Next, what’s the height of the building where the load will be placed onto? Also, how far from the edge of the building does the load need to be set?

In addition to these questions, tell Astro Crane about the area where the crane will sit– how close or far is it from the building, for instance, as well as what kind of ground condition there is–concrete, grass, dirt, etc. Meanwhile, make a note of whether or not the crane would be dealing with any nearby underground tanks, utility lines, or overhead wires.

Finally, what kind of rigging do you think you’d need for lifting the items you want to lift?

The answers to all of these questions help determine what crane you should use for the job you need to get done.

A crane’s “rated capacity load” is always taken into account– a crane’s “load chart” can help determine what the maximum load capacity is at the height to which you’d need the crane extended. Basically, you want to make sure the type of crane you rent is able to handle the weight of the load(s) without any problems.

Astro Crane rents a variety of hydraulic cranes which can handle between 6 and 600 tons.

Call (978) 429-8666 to discuss what type of crane is the best to rent in order to meet your specific needs.