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Crane Maintenance Tips

It has been an especially cold winter in New England, and brutal weather conditions take their toll on people as well as cranes. Astro Crane is a Massachusetts-based company known for crane services and crane rentals. With an extensive fleet of hydraulic cranes, ranging between 6 and 600 tons, Astro Crane rents cranes for projects… Read more »

Here are Four Things You Need to Be a Heavy Lift Crane Operator

As much as we love cranes, we know this: that operating one isn’t a laughing matter. Once you get behind the wheel of a heavy lift crane, you’re now responsible for a serious machine. And that isn’t something you learn how to handle overnight. If you’re interested in taking the time out to train yourself,… Read more »

What Are Industrial Cranes Used For In Construction?

Construction sites typically utilize industrial cranes. What are these cranes used for? There are two main reasons to employ the use of cranes at a construction site: to lift and move heavy equipment from one area of the site to another and to lift equipment and structures up into their intended final position. Today’s modern… Read more »