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Why Hydraulic Cranes Are Perfect for New England Terrain

Here in New England, we face a unique combination of conditions, from the salt-kissed air on the coasts to the rocky, uneven terrain of the inland. So, what kind of crane can overcome these complexities and rise above them? The answer is the hydraulic crane. Flexibility Hydraulic cranes are knowing for being versatile and flexible… Read more »

How Crane Rentals Can Augment Your New England Construction Project

As a construction professional, you’ve probably got a million things on your mind. From managing project timelines to wrangling subcontractors, your plate is undoubtedly full. Amidst the chaos, it’s easy to overlook one fundamental element that could significantly improve your productivity and profitability: crane rentals. Increasing Efficiency with the Right Equipment Think about it. You… Read more »

The Advantages of Hydraulic Cranes for Heavy-Duty Lifting

When you need some serious heavy-duty lifting equipment, hydraulic cranes are often ideal for construction projects and tough lifting jobs. At Astro Crane, we take pride in offering top-notch crane rentals and operator services throughout New England. Let’s explore the incredible advantages of hydraulic cranes, the true workhorses of the industry. Unmatched Power and Precision… Read more »

The Benefits of Renting an Industrial Crane

Do you need an industrial crane for your next construction project? Do you need one in the New England area? If so, Astro Crane has you covered. We offer a wide variety of crane rentals and can provide crane operators for jobs of all sizes. Flexibility for Your Projects Let’s face it, not every project… Read more »

The Differences Between Mobile and Fixed Cranes

Tower Crane

Searching for a crane to use on your next construction project? You’re going to have the option to bring either a mobile or a fixed crane onto your worksite. Mobile cranes are obviously the easier option since they’re simple to set up and remove once you’re done. But fixed cranes might be a better choice… Read more »

Avoid These Common Construction Crane Issues

What are some common issues with construction cranes? There are several issues you might encounter. Alignment and Crane Skew Issues First, consider alignment and crane skew issues. Basically, the crane is supposed to track properly but it doesn’t and this could be due to stress or damage. When this happens, expect accidents, derailments, crane failures,… Read more »

Making Sure a Construction Crane is Safe to Use

Cranes are machines that have the power to kill people if used improperly. They can also destroy property, and if a crane isn’t safe to use, it shouldn’t be used. That said, sometimes crane operators make mistakes and their cranes are not safe– and that can cost companies millions of dollars to make up for… Read more »

Cranes vs Derricks

Most people have heard of cranes but not too many people are familiar with derricks. Both are used to lift and move heavy items, and while they’re similar, they’re also different. An Overview of Cranes and Derricks So what’s a good definition of both a crane and a derrick in order to differentiate between the… Read more »

The Evolution of Construction Cranes

Most tall buildings built today have cranes to thank! Construction cranes allow city skylines to grow taller. If we didn’t have cranes, New York City, for instance, would look a lot different– a lot “lower to the ground,” for sure. In many ways, cranes are the backbone of the construction world. Advances in Construction Crane… Read more »

Precautions to Take When Operating a Construction Crane

Operating a crane is a big deal– if it’s not done properly and safely, it could result in someone losing their life. It could also result in expensive damages to whatever is around it. Think about this: a crane has the ability to lift an item that weighs thousands of pounds– thousands! And it lifts… Read more »