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Keeping Stable with Crane Mats

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For construction companies, perhaps the top asset after your employees is the equipment you use. If you own or lease cranes to do your work, you must strongly consider an investment in crane mats for use on your job sites. So what exactly is a crane mat? It’s a thick, durable hardwood floor that your… Read more »

A Lesson in Crane Safety

Recently in Dallas, a crane, operated by a contractor working for the Dallas Museum of Art, toppled over while hoisting beams for a party tent being erected on the museum grounds. According to the local CBS affiliate’s coverage of the incident, winds were light and the weather was generally favorable, making it likely that the… Read more »

Ways to Avoid Crane Accidents

Astro Crane of New England rents hydraulic cranes, which lift between 6 and 600 tons. As you can imagine, these cranes handle very heavy things– the kind you have to be careful about or risk someone being injured or even killed. To reduce the potential for crane-related accidents it’s important for those involved with using… Read more »

Look to OSHA for Guidelines on Rigging Equipment

Here at AstroCRANE, we understand the paramount importance of safety in every aspect of work. Our deep understanding of crane operation is an unparalleled asset when it comes to doing things the safe way in every construction project we’re involved in. Rigging equipment to lift materials is one particularly sensitive area. OSHA, short for the… Read more »

Why Crane Safety Is Truly Most Important

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Astro Crane takes the safety if its employees, the workers on the jobsite and anyone involved in any construction project very seriously.  We don’t want anyone to see a serious injury while working.  Although there are always measures and training in place to prevent such accidents, they still always have the ability to occur.  … Read more »

OSHA Working To Improve Crane Safety

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As crane operators, safety is our most important goal. OSHA and the National Commission Certification Of Crane Operators have recently worked to take swift action on a new crane rule update. Last week, OSHA announced it intended to postpone the effective date of its crane operator certification requirements by three years.  It would now take… Read more »

Awareness and Preparation: Key Components to a Safe Crane Operating Environment

Learn about exciting news regarding construction cranes.

Safety is a primary concern when it comes to working on any construction site; and most importantly when operating a crane lift, amid other workers, equipment, buildings, power lines, and natural elements, such as lakes and rivers.   Various obstacles on the construction site can make crane operation much more difficult, but with properly trained… Read more »