Look to OSHA for Guidelines on Rigging Equipment

hanscom tandem with 165Here at AstroCRANE, we understand the paramount importance of safety in every aspect of work. Our deep understanding of crane operation is an unparalleled asset when it comes to doing things the safe way in every construction project we’re involved in. Rigging equipment to lift materials is one particularly sensitive area.

OSHA, short for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is an invaluable resource when it comes to guidance on safety in the workplace. They are the federal agency tasked with enforcing safety and health legislation. While it can sometimes be challenging to follow their strict guidelines, it is very important to do so.

So when it comes to rigging equipment to lift heavy materials, what exactly does OSHA have to say?

First and foremost, OSHA recommends and requires routine comprehensive inspections. These should be carried out at the beginning of each shift, as well as throughout that shift as deemed necessary. A successful first inspection is not a good reason for workers to ignore the condition of equipment.

In fact, the best path to safety is constant responsibility and accountability. Workers should be proactive and vigilant. For example, when the red interwoven thread begins to show on a sling, it needs to be removed and replaced. With all equipment, when in doubt, throw it out.

Of course, no amount of inspection will keep workers safe if rigging equipment isn’t used properly. You must know the weight limit for all equipment, and especially the sling being used. Even when you are under that limit, be sure heavy loads are balanced properly, and that the sling is protected from sharp edges that could cause damage. You should never try to alter a sling, such as shortening it, to accommodate a project. It may seem like a smart shortcut, but it could be actually be a shortcut to disaster.

Always keep slings and other equipment clean, organized, and accounted for when not in use. This will not only make the job easier in the long run. It will also keep them from being damaged by machinery or rendered unsafe by grease. You should know exactly what equipment is on hand and what it should be used for, at all times.

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