Keeping Stable with Crane Mats

crane matsFor construction companies, perhaps the top asset after your employees is the equipment you use. If you own or lease cranes to do your work, you must strongly consider an investment in crane mats for use on your job sites.

So what exactly is a crane mat? It’s a thick, durable hardwood floor that your crane can operate on top of. They are built to support the crane’s weight along with whatever materials the crane works with, and most importantly, it provides the crane and crane operator a solid footing to work from.

That is an important point. As most crane operators know, cranes are not always stationed in pristine conditions. Wet or muddy ground could cause the crane to become stuck when moving, while an uneven surface presents safety concerns.

A crane mat provides a level working platform that helps reduce accidents and keep machinery from getting stuck in the ground. That stability also gives workers an easier surface for which to do their job, leading to greater employee efficiency and more efficiency on the project.

Crane mats are also environmentally friendly. While construction site owners always want a clean site, heavy machinery can sometimes leak environment-harming chemicals such as gasoline, oil and hydraulic fluid. Crane mats protect the ground underneath, having these harmful substances fall on top of the mat instead of the ground, making cleanup easier. Mats also protect the ground beneath from damage due to the heavy equipment traveling across the job site.

For companies like Astro Welding & Fabricating that do a lot of work with cranes, hardwood mats are a simple and inexpensive solution that can help your overall business and protect your equipment and employees. Even if you rent or lease your cranes, hardwood mats are a good investment. They can be rented as well, providing you with support for a single project or they can be purchased and be a staple of every site you work on. Your employees – and your clients – will thank you.

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