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What Are Some of the Causes of Construction Crane Accidents?

Crane Spotter Working

When using a construction crane, you should take all of the proper precautions in order to avoid accidents from occurring. This means inspecting your crane regularly and maintaining it so that you don’t run into any unforeseen problems. However, unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, accidents will still take place from… Read more »

Crane Hoist Safety Tips

Cranes and hoists are tools you will need to use in order to lift very heavy materials. Whether you are a contractor completing a construction project or a shipper in charge of moving incoming and outgoing shipments around, a crane or hoist can really come in handy. It will be nearly impossible to do your… Read more »

Keep Cool During Construction

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As we head towards warmer months, it’s important for construction workers and outdoor laborers to keep cool while working in scorching temperatures. Here are some tips on how you can stay safe and keep cool at your construction job this spring and summer. Commit to Drinking Water Water is the number one defense against heat-related… Read more »

Preventing Crane Accidents

Crane Next to Bare Building

In recent months, cranes have been featured on the news multiple times for tipping over. Cranes are a large piece of machinery that must be handled with care and knowledgeable workers. Unfortunately, crane accidents do happen and it is vital that we understand how to manage the cranes we are using in order to avoid… Read more »

Handling Cranes in Windy Cities

Chicago Cranes

Chicago has been getting some attention for their cranes in recent months. Chicago now has the highest number of cranes it has had in eight years. The cranes scattered around downtown Chicago are hard to miss. Thirty-three cranes are busy putting up high-rise buildings and others are waiting for permits to get started on certain… Read more »

How Cold Weather Affects Crane Operations

Crane In Snow

As the weather grows cooler here in the New England area, we at Astro Crane would like to draw attention to crane safety; specifically cold weather safety. Of course, the brisk fall and winter weather this area experiences makes every construction job more difficult, but it especially puts a strain on the operation of major… Read more »

Crane Operators Should Avoid Wires to Cause Major Fires

Cranes for HIgh Voltage Construction

Using a crane to do construction can make certain jobs significantly easier, but if you are not careful, you can do serious damage when you take the controls of one. In order to avoid major accidents, crane operators need to be aware of all of their surroundings at all times, and they need to look… Read more »

Improper Crane Operation Can Lead to Project Delays

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Cranes are incredibly useful tools for construction projects, but they can also be incredibly dangerous if not handled properly. Stories of accidents with cranes – sometimes when they are not even on the job – have become too common. That’s because too many companies don’t bring in a certified crane operator or crane rigger. Let’s… Read more »

Advice for Becoming a Certified Crane Operator

Crane Operator pulling levers

Used in construction as well as at manufacturing plants and transportation centers, cranes require plenty of training to use safely and certification is a requirement for individuals interested in making a career using a construction crane. Unlike many other careers that involve the use of heavy equipment, crane operation often begins with a training program,… Read more »

Hazards to Watch for While Operating a Crane

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A necessary tool in many construction projects, cranes are extraordinary useful for the lifting and rigging of heavy materials. This being said, their enormous size and heavy weight can also cause safety concerns, which is why it is so important to check for hazards before bringing a crane on site and before going to work… Read more »