OSHA Working To Improve Crane Safety

As crane operators, safety is our most important goal. OSHA and the National Commission Certification Of Crane Operators have 48354fd0c2f211e2ac7c22000a1f96a8_7recently worked to take swift action on a new crane rule update. Last week, OSHA announced it intended to postpone the effective date of its crane operator certification requirements by three years.  It would now take place on November 10, 2017. The move comes in order to allow time to re-examine the issue of certifying by capacity and to ensure crane operators are qualified.


The whole issue is making sure there are good crane standards to ensure proper and effective crane safety. Although the NCCCO has taken a more firm stance on the subject, they are pleased to see OSHA is working to improve crane safety and make sure all operators are put in a positive, safe position.


Executive director of NCCCO, Graham Brent had this comment. “Although it is regrettable that it has taken OSHA so long to recognize that the industry has serious problems, its stance on issues such as certifying by capacity and the meaning of certification, is a vindication of the efforts of concerned industry stakeholders over the past 18 months to raise awareness on these matters that OSHA has, finally, taken notice.”


We’ll continue to operate under full safety measures in order to provide you with sensible crane operation and project completion throughout New England.  If you have any questions about our certifications or need a crane operator with a reputation for safety, please give us a call today.