Improper Crane Operation Can Lead to Project Delays

construction craneCranes are incredibly useful tools for construction projects, but they can also be incredibly dangerous if not handled properly. Stories of accidents with cranes – sometimes when they are not even on the job – have become too common. That’s because too many companies don’t bring in a certified crane operator or crane rigger.

Let’s look at two recent examples. In one, as reports, a 270-ton lattice truck crane overturned at an Exxon-Mobil refinery. The crane was lifting the top of a fluidic catalytic cracking unit when it tipped. The crane fell backwards, causing the boom to fall onto part of the refinery.

As a result, the factory’s owners delayed a sale of the facility to another company. According to the site, part of the sales agreement for the refinery was a requirement with the buyer that the refinery achieve 15 days of consecutive normal operations, and this accident set back the purchase.

Another scary incident happened on the roadways in Oklahoma. According to again, a delivery truck carrying a boom lift struck a bridge in Oklahoma City, causing a section of it to collapse. A tractor-trailer carrying the boom life passed under a bridge carrying an expressway and the boom caught the underside of the bridge. The end result was a massive mess, although no one was hurt.

These incidents show the danger in working with cranes if you are not careful. At Astro Crane, we help companies work with cranes. We have certified professionals who can perform crane-rigging services, along with crane hoisting equipment rentals. Our staff makes sure your crane is set up to operate safely, and we also have certified crane operators on staff who can work on certain jobs where you don’t have the right talent in place.

It’s better to pay for an expert than be in the middle of an expensive – and dangerous – mistake. Working with cranes is difficult, so make sure you have knowledgeable people on your side. To learn more or to get the help of the experts at Astro Crane, give us a call today at (978) 429-8666.