Keep Cool During Construction

As we head towards warmer months, it’s important for construction workers and outdoor laborers to keep cool while working in scorching temperatures.

Here are some tips on how you can stay safe and keep cool at your construction job this spring and summer.

Commit to Drinking Water

Water is the number one defense against heat-related conditions. Make sure water is readily available at your job site and make sure workers are bringing it if it is not supplied. Although many people turn to sport drinks, they often provide a lot of sugar and little hydration. Concerned about losing electrolytes when you sweat? Try potassium-rich rich snacks such as bananas or sunflowers seeds.

Take Deserved Breaks

For people that work outside during hot summer months, it’s important to take regular breaks in the shade, especially if you’re experiencing symptoms of heat stress. Heat stress symptoms often include headaches, confusion and dark-colored urine, among other complaints.

Rise and Shine

Temperatures can rise sharply at noon, peaking between 3 and 6 pm. You should start your work as early as possible in order to finish before temperatures are at their highest. You should be taking note of the heat index, which can help you identify possible health risks at any given time.

Consider Your Wardrobe

While athletic clothes designed specifically for outdoor performance can be expensive, they’re often worth it. Make sure you are wearing light colored clothing when possible which won’t absorb light. You should also make sure you are choosing fabrics, such as cotton, that are breathable.

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