Preventing Crane Accidents

In recent months, cranes have been featured on the news multiple times for tipping over. Cranes are a large piece of machinery that must be handled with care and knowledgeable workers. Unfortunately, crane accidents do happen and it is vital that we understand how to manage the cranes we are using in order to avoid them.Preventing Crane Accidents

Cranes become more advanced each year, which is a benefit, but it also leaves allows more things that can go wrong or be misunderstood.  As cranes grown in size, the number of controls to operate them multiplies. Although improved technology and crane operations are a benefit for projects, they do come with amplified risks. Operators must be well aware how to operate cranes as these machines change.

How Severe Weather Affects Cranes

Many cranes end up tipping over due to severe weather that is often unexpected. For instance, high winds can often result in tipping cranes. If the wind manages to get underneath the crane a certain way, the force of the wind can lift the crane. It is important that crews track possible weather threats and take cranes down in the event of threatening weather.

Site conditions also play a role in why some cranes end up tipping over. Site conditions can be full of potential hazards that often go unrecognized. It is important that the site superintendent is constantly making sure that the site is safe. They should be doing whatever they can to ensure the safety of the crew members and the people around the construction site.

Leaving a crane up for too long can also result in a crane tipping over. Taking down a crane takes a lot of time, effort, and money, which is why many operators don’t take them down right when a project is finished. Cranes are often left up for weeks and months because operators don’t want to deal with the process of removing it. However, leaving a crane up and unattended is a recipe for disaster.

Currently, crane manufacturers are working to install automatic features that would help prevent crane accidents. Modern cranes are now coming equipped with limit switches which will indicate to the operator if a load on the crane is too heavy. Many cranes are also coming equipped with video which shows operators loads and surrounding work zones. This allows an operator to have a clear view of what is going on around them when operating the crane.

Although cranes accidents do occur, cranes are constantly being advanced to prevent accidents from happening. The operator of a crane and the rest of the construction workers must understand how to safely operate a crane to prevent accidents. For more crane news and advice, contact Astro Crane.