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What is the Crane Capital of the World?

If you’re ever had the opportunity to visit the city of Seattle, you’ve probably noticed that it rains there a lot. Seattle is known for being one of the rainiest major cities in the United States. It actually just broke a 122-year-old record for rain, which didn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has… Read more »

Tips for Maintaining Crane Mats

Crane on Crane Mat

Utilizing crane mats on a job site is a very smart idea. Crane mats can prevent cranes and other pieces of heavy machinery from slipping or falling over on a worksite, and they can help you maintain a safe environment for you and your employees. However, when you use crane mats, they can get very… Read more »

Keep Cool During Construction

Crane Spotter Working

As we head towards warmer months, it’s important for construction workers and outdoor laborers to keep cool while working in scorching temperatures. Here are some tips on how you can stay safe and keep cool at your construction job this spring and summer. Commit to Drinking Water Water is the number one defense against heat-related… Read more »

Crane Constructing NYC Ferris Wheel

Black and White Picture with Cranes, Boat and Ferris Wheel

Back in 2012, Mayor Michael Bloomberg revealed a plan to construct a Ferris wheel on the North Shore of Staten Island called the “New York Wheel.” Now, as of 2017, the massive wheel is currently under construction with cranes working tirelessly to construct it. Before revealing the height of the wheel, you should probably know… Read more »

Cranes Indication of Chicago Development

There’s no doubt about it: Chicago is growing. As more people discover the delightful city of Chicago, including an affordable cost of living, beautiful parks, abundant cultural opportunities, and great food (deep dish pizza, anyone?), the construction industry is booming to keep up with demands. Among 12 major American cities, Chicago had the highest number… Read more »

Nashville Sees Surplus of Cranes

As more and more construction companies are breaking ground in Nashville, there has been a noticeable uptick in crane use in the area compared to other major U.S. cities. “Crane counts through the end of 2016 indicate steady construction activity overall, with residential and mixed use developments leading the market at a combined 68% of… Read more »

The Tradition of Crane Christmas Trees

christmas tree farm with spruce and fir trees. summer landscape

The holiday season is full of sparkling lights and towering trees. In fact, you’ve probably noticed trees on top of construction cranes throughout the year. Christmas trees and construction cranes have a lot of history. If you have glanced up at a crane and you have thought Christmas tree teetering off the edge, you are… Read more »

Cranes at Work in the Rainforest

Cranes at Work in the Rainforest

When most people picture a construction crane, they often picture bustling cities and crowded skylines. Cranes are typically found in crowded cities hard at work on buildings or bridges. Most of us would never associate a construction cranes with the “great outdoors,” but cranes are serving a purpose in nature in a very important way…. Read more »

Preventing Crane Accidents

Crane Next to Bare Building

In recent months, cranes have been featured on the news multiple times for tipping over. Cranes are a large piece of machinery that must be handled with care and knowledgeable workers. Unfortunately, crane accidents do happen and it is vital that we understand how to manage the cranes we are using in order to avoid… Read more »

Wakeboarders and Cranes Become One

Silhouette of COntainer Cargo and Crane Bridge

A massive harbor crane was recently the star of an insanely intense wakeboarding show. Wakeboarders Dominik Gührs, Felix Georgii, and Dominik Hernle teamed up with Red Bull to wakeboard using a crane referred to as the “Wake Crane Project.”  We have one suggestion: Don’t try this at home.  (Although in reality, you never could!) The… Read more »