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Seattle Skyline Scattered with Construction Cranes

high rise construction cranes

During construction in major cities, you can usually glance up and see cranes hard at work. In recent months, Seattle’s skyline has been packed with cranes.  There are so many cranes throughout the city of Seattle that they seem to be part of the landscape, dangling hundreds of feet above the streets. Seattle is working… Read more »

Cranes Could Send Aid to Syrian Refugees

landscape with big crane

Cranes can be used for multiple purposes. Over the years, cranes have been used for festivals, for automobile shops, and construction zones. The country of Jordan in the Middle East could be using a crane to provide supplies to Syrian refugees that are currently camped outside the boarder of Jordan. However, United Nations does not… Read more »

Cranes Gain Popularity in the Fall for Pumpkin Festivities

Hoists vs. Cranes

The fall is filled with colorful leaves, scents of cinnamon, and an abundance of red apples. The great outdoors get that much greater when the temperatures drop. What people don’t know is that cranes are a vital part of autumn festivities. In the fall, cranes are responsible for dropping giant pumpkins from hundreds of feet… Read more »

The Early Beginnings of Construction Cranes

Greek Acropolis

Have you ever wondered how the Greeks built their temples or how the Romans constructed the Colosseum? Cranes have been around for much longer than most of us can imagine, constantly developing and improving to create the incredible machines used to build today’s structures. Invented by the Greeks The earliest crane-like machines were developed by… Read more »

The FAA Reduces Crane Lengths at a Construction Site

Large Ship and Plane in Background

The next time you’re driving by a crane and think to yourself, “Wow, that thing is really high,” you’re not alone. There are so many types of cranes available, with a range of heights from a few dozen feet to others that reach the tops of towering skyscrapers. Three such cranes in San Diego recently… Read more »

What Causes Some Construction Projects to Fail?

Why do some construction projects fail while others are successful to completion? There are several reasons. Generally, construction projects need great leaders who lead the crew to get the job done on time, safely, and with excellence. If a crew doesn’t know what to do and when to do it because no one seems to… Read more »

Are Construction Cranes Art?

If you lived in Buffalo, New York, during the past few decades then you would have been surprised when the formerly depressed city suddenly saw five cranes dot its skyline in the past two years as new buildings went up. For many young people it was the first time they’d ever seen cranes in downtown… Read more »

Cranes Aid in Large Marine Salvage Endeavors

The river cruise ship “Eastern Star” sunk in the Yangtze River in China recently. It was a tragedy involving the sudden loss of hundreds of people. The shallow-draft boat overturned in what Chinese weather authorities have called a cyclone with winds up to 80 miles per hour. What happens when a ship sinks? Sometimes they… Read more »

How To Improve Your Business Credit Score

Credit Score Calculator

Hiring a premier company like Astro Crane to assist your business is a smart move, and we’re happy to help! Since one of our main business practices has been to assist our customers as much as possible (helping to promote a longer and stable relationship with our partners), we want to help you improve your… Read more »

What is the World’s Tallest Crane?

Here at Astro Crane, we take our role pretty seriously. To provide the best crane services and rentals in Massachusetts, we constantly need to learn new things about the industry, from the equipment we use to the techniques we employ. Most of the time, this results in a barrage of confusing stats and figures. Boring,… Read more »