Wakeboarders and Cranes Become One

A massive harbor crane was recently the star of an insanely intense wakeboarding show. Wakeboarders Dominik Gührs, Felix Georgii, and Dominik Hernle teamed up with Red Bull to wakeboard using a crane referred to as the “Wake Crane Project.”  We have one suggestion: Don’t try this at home.  (Although in reality, you never could!)

The video was filmed in Pula, Croatia which is located in Europe. The wakeboarders were towed by a floating harbor crane, allowing the athletes to board through a 360-degree shipping container course that they designed themselves. The wakeboarders invested a lot of time researching how this could all work. In order to work, the course had to be what they needed it to be and Red Bull helped make that happen.

50938484 - silhouette of container cargo and crane bridgeThe wakeboarders had to find a crane with a boom long and fast enough to pull them across the water and over the obstacles within the water. They searched all over the world in order to find the crane that would meet all of their needs and that crane was in Croatia. The crane reached 37 miles per hour and was 131 feet in length. The massive crane was mounted and welted onto a platform to prevent it from tipping over.

In order to position the seven shipping containers that the wakeboarders used as their obstacles, they used skilled workers at the Uljanik Pula Wharf and five industrial divers. The team used 28 anchors in total to secure the containers in the water. Each container weighed a about 1,763 pounds.

The highlight of the show was the “Flying Obstacle” where wakeboarders used a container suspended in mid-air, which no wakeboarders have conquered before.

Although this is an incredible video to watch, we don’t suggest recreating it. We can’t imagine how incredible it was to see.