How Do You Know if Someone is Qualified to Operate a Crane?

Crane operation can be a delicate and detailed job, which makes it all the more important to be sure that the person behind the controls is well informed and qualified to run the machine. While most operators have years of experience, there are some ways to help be fully confident in a worker’s qualifications. In… Read more »

A Lesson in Crane Safety

Recently in Dallas, a crane, operated by a contractor working for the Dallas Museum of Art, toppled over while hoisting beams for a party tent being erected on the museum grounds. According to the local CBS affiliate’s coverage of the incident, winds were light and the weather was generally favorable, making it likely that the… Read more »

Why It’s Better for Businesses to Rent Rather Than Buy

Moving heavy objects from 6 to 600 tons would require the strength of many men, but thankfully, today, there are strong cranes to do those heavy lifting jobs quickly and efficiently. The thing about cranes is this: they’re expensive to own. You’ve got to have a large and proper place to store them, you’ve got… Read more »

Hydraulic Crane Oil Filters: What’s Inside?

The fascinating thing about a complex machine is how such simple parts can work together to accomplish extraordinary tasks. Hydraulic cranes are a perfect example of this, using plain old water to lift incredibly large and heavy objects. As simple as those individual parts might be, a problem with just one of them can cause… Read more »

Crane Maintenance Tips

It has been an especially cold winter in New England, and brutal weather conditions take their toll on people as well as cranes. Astro Crane is a Massachusetts-based company known for crane services and crane rentals. With an extensive fleet of hydraulic cranes, ranging between 6 and 600 tons, Astro Crane rents cranes for projects… Read more »

Here are Four Things You Need to Be a Heavy Lift Crane Operator

As much as we love cranes, we know this: that operating one isn’t a laughing matter. Once you get behind the wheel of a heavy lift crane, you’re now responsible for a serious machine. And that isn’t something you learn how to handle overnight. If you’re interested in taking the time out to train yourself,… Read more »

How Hydraulics Work: The Basics

Hydraulics can do some pretty amazing things. Of course, one can deduce that the hydro in hydraulics has something to do with water. But most people have never even taken a moment to consider what in the world water would have to do with the gigantic cranes that hover over city skylines. Hydraulic machines are… Read more »

Does OSHA Require Warning Devices On Cranes?

Nothing symbolizes progress better than massive cranes towering over a city skyline. The bigger the crane the bigger the job must be, along with a significant investment in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, or wherever you happen to live. It makes sense that, unfortunately, larger cranes also pose more serious safety issues for the people in their… Read more »

What Are Industrial Cranes Used For In Construction?

Construction sites typically utilize industrial cranes. What are these cranes used for? There are two main reasons to employ the use of cranes at a construction site: to lift and move heavy equipment from one area of the site to another and to lift equipment and structures up into their intended final position. Today’s modern… Read more »

The Benefits of Attending a Mobile Crane Inspection Program

Astro Crane is known for renting hydraulic cranes to those who need them in New England. The cranes range from 6 to 600 tons, and, as you could imagine, they shouldn’t be operated by just anyone. It takes knowledge and skill to operate heavy machinery. Those interested in operating cranes should always be thinking of… Read more »