How Do Tower Cranes Work?

When you look up in the sky and see a tower crane lifting something to the top of a building, do you ever wonder how these amazing machines work? Growing up right by the big cities, we see them all the time and they are so majestic in the way that they can lift something… Read more »

Improper Crane Operation Can Lead to Project Delays

Cranes are incredibly useful tools for construction projects, but they can also be incredibly dangerous if not handled properly. Stories of accidents with cranes – sometimes when they are not even on the job – have become too common. That’s because too many companies don’t bring in a certified crane operator or crane rigger. Let’s… Read more »

Advice for Becoming a Certified Crane Operator

Used in construction as well as at manufacturing plants and transportation centers, cranes require plenty of training to use safely and certification is a requirement for individuals interested in making a career using a construction crane. Unlike many other careers that involve the use of heavy equipment, crane operation often begins with a training program,… Read more »

Looking Back: The First Hydraulic Crane in the US

Hydraulic cranes may be common today, but as recently as the 1940s most cranes were still friction operated. Roy Billings, Milwaukee Hydraulics Corp. president, saw an opportunity to improve the portability, safety and difficulty of operating cranes by using hydraulics, and by 1946, Milwaukee Hydraulics had developed America’s first hydraulic crane. The first crane produced… Read more »

Cranes on Cranes – Check Out this Tower Crane Time Lapse

Have you ever seen an enormous skyscraper constructed from the ground up? Have you ever wondered how contractors build such tall, massive buildings? The fact is tall buildings require even taller cranes, often called tower cranes. These behemoths must be installed in sections in a process that takes several days – sometimes weeks – to… Read more »

‘Smart Iron’ and the Future of Construction Sites

You have probably heard of the “Internet of Things,” but “smart iron” may take the idea of interconnected appliances and apply it to job site machinery and equipment. Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman recently announced at a Munich press conference that a “digital transformation” in the heavy equipment industry is essential , and Cat plans to… Read more »

The Early Beginnings of Construction Cranes

Have you ever wondered how the Greeks built their temples or how the Romans constructed the Colosseum? Cranes have been around for much longer than most of us can imagine, constantly developing and improving to create the incredible machines used to build today’s structures. Invented by the Greeks The earliest crane-like machines were developed by… Read more »

Hazards to Watch for While Operating a Crane

A necessary tool in many construction projects, cranes are extraordinary useful for the lifting and rigging of heavy materials. This being said, their enormous size and heavy weight can also cause safety concerns, which is why it is so important to check for hazards before bringing a crane on site and before going to work… Read more »

New York City Plans to Lift Most Recent Crane Regulations

After the tragic crane collapse that occurred in New York City on February 5, Mayor Bill de Blasio put strict regulations in place, forcing crawler crane operations to stop any time winds are forecast to exceed 20 miles per hour or gusts reach 30 miles per hour. Under this mandate, cranes are to be secured… Read more »