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Three Commonly Used Cranes

mobile crane working in city

When it comes to cranes, there are a few different types available for use depending on the job that needs to be completed and the weight of the objects that must be lifted. Different types of cranes have different capabilities, and the requirements of your project will decide the crane you should use. Here are… Read more »

How New Technology Could Help Crane Operators

Liverpool, England is perhaps best known the world over as the birthplace of The Beatles, the rock group that achieved worldwide fame and success with numerous hit songs. But Liverpool is also quite well known as an industrial port city. The Port of Liverpool is one of the best-equipped and connected deep water container terminals… Read more »

Information about Load Moment Indicators

Astro Crane knows that working with high-rise structures is risky and dangerous. In order to get a load from the ground to the working floor requires a strong pulley system and a precision-oriented crane operator with knowledge and experience to handle all the variables that come with the intense job. Tower cranes are used to… Read more »

Important Update From OSHA For Construction Crane Projects

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has the best interests of operators of cranes and derricks in mind with its rulemaking requiring crane operators on construction sites to meet one of four qualification/certification options by Nov. 10, 2017. On August 9, 2010, OSHA published the final rule for cranes and derricks in construction. OSHA developed… Read more »

The Inner-Workings of Construction Cranes

Construction Cranes

How do construction cranes work? Thanks to pulleys and cables, cranes are able to lift heavy machinery and construction materials easily. There’s something known as “mechanical advantage.” If humans tried lifting several tons of materials using just their arms and legs, it would be very hard (if not impossible) to do so. Cranes, however, utilize… Read more »

New Construction and Energy Sources Will Help Fuel the New England Area

When you think of energy in the future, what comes to mind? Solar power? Maybe – that’s a good bet; we do stare at the sun every day of our lives. Hydropower? That too – we’re composed mostly of water, experience water every day, etc.; it makes sense then that we would embrace it as… Read more »

Maintaining New England’s Historic Infrastructure

It feels like the history of New England stretches back into biblical times. We mean there’s just so much to it. When you live in a region that was one of the first populated by the first American settlers, chances are you have a lot of older structures and towns. That being said, some of… Read more »

Don’t be Quick To Blame Cranes When Things Go Wrong

Recently a major crane collapse in Alphen aan den Rijn, a town in the western Netherlands, caused quite a stir among locals. Two cranes were being used to move a bridge section while standing on a floating platform. The cranes collapsed. While no one was injured or killed, there was horrific damage. It turns out… Read more »

Why Seeing Construction Cranes in Your Community is Good News

Astro Crane provides crane rentals and other crane services to all of New England and business is booming. New buildings get built thanks to cranes. When people see construction cranes in their community, it has a positive psychological effect on them. Cranes in the air–at work–indicate new construction, which tells people that the local economy… Read more »

Cranes: Changing Our Daily Lives

Cranes are very important when it comes to the construction of tall buildings across the world. However, their sight sometimes leaves many grumbling in frustration as their appearance reminds many of the potential horrors of construction. These negative emotions that are evoked cause many to lose sight of why cranes and other machinery are so… Read more »