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Crane Operators Should Avoid Wires to Cause Major Fires

Cranes for HIgh Voltage Construction

Using a crane to do construction can make certain jobs significantly easier, but if you are not careful, you can do serious damage when you take the controls of one. In order to avoid major accidents, crane operators need to be aware of all of their surroundings at all times, and they need to look… Read more »

Liebherr to Showcase Technology at MINExpo

Cranes from Liebherr

AstroCrane’s massive fleet carries a full range of cranes for hire, including the mammoth 600-ton Liebherr that extends up to 470 feet. If you have never experienced the massive capabilities of Liebherr equipment, plan on heading to Las Vegas in September for a showcase to take your breath away. Liebherr USA may have its fingers… Read more »

Know the Different Types of Crane Mats

crane outrigging pad

When you are thinking about your upcoming construction job, have you considered the type of crane mats that you will need to get the job done the right way? If you didn’t already know, there are several types of crane mats; each with its own specific purpose. Below we will cover the different types, along… Read more »

Tips for Choosing a Crane Service Company

construction crane

For your upcoming construction project, chances are that you will need a crane service to get your materials high in the sky. We have a few helpful tips so that you know that you will be choosing the right crane company in your area. Decide on Full Service or Rental The very first thing you… Read more »

How Do Tower Cranes Work?

tower cranes

When you look up in the sky and see a tower crane lifting something to the top of a building, do you ever wonder how these amazing machines work? Growing up right by the big cities, we see them all the time and they are so majestic in the way that they can lift something… Read more »

Looking Back: The First Hydraulic Crane in the US

hydraulic crane

Hydraulic cranes may be common today, but as recently as the 1940s most cranes were still friction operated. Roy Billings, Milwaukee Hydraulics Corp. president, saw an opportunity to improve the portability, safety and difficulty of operating cranes by using hydraulics, and by 1946, Milwaukee Hydraulics had developed America’s first hydraulic crane. The first crane produced… Read more »

Cranes on Cranes – Check Out this Tower Crane Time Lapse

tower crane

Have you ever seen an enormous skyscraper constructed from the ground up? Have you ever wondered how contractors build such tall, massive buildings? The fact is tall buildings require even taller cranes, often called tower cranes. These behemoths must be installed in sections in a process that takes several days – sometimes weeks – to… Read more »

New York City Plans to Lift Most Recent Crane Regulations

New York City Crane

After the tragic crane collapse that occurred in New York City on February 5, Mayor Bill de Blasio put strict regulations in place, forcing crawler crane operations to stop any time winds are forecast to exceed 20 miles per hour or gusts reach 30 miles per hour. Under this mandate, cranes are to be secured… Read more »

Never Underestimate Nature When Operating Cranes

Crane operator pulling levers

Being a crane operator can be a tough job, especially when working in less than ideal conditions. Safely controlling a crane doesn’t just mean you have to pay attention to what’s taking place on the ground, but also what’s going on around you in terms of weather. Sudden gusts of high winds or increasingly stormy… Read more »

Keeping Stable with Crane Mats

crane mats

For construction companies, perhaps the top asset after your employees is the equipment you use. If you own or lease cranes to do your work, you must strongly consider an investment in crane mats for use on your job sites. So what exactly is a crane mat? It’s a thick, durable hardwood floor that your… Read more »