What is the World’s Tallest Crane?

Here at Astro Crane, we take our role pretty seriously. To provide the best crane services and rentals in Massachusetts, we constantly need to learn new things about the industry, from the equipment we use to the techniques we employ. Most of the time, this results in a barrage of confusing stats and figures. Boring, right?

But sometimes we come across some truly fascinating information about cranes that just about anyone can appreciate. Recently, we came across some information about the world’s tallest portable crane, featured in a Popular Science article from a few years back.

Ever come across those towering, 300-foot tall windmills, and wonder how they’re built? According to the article, the Liebherr 11200-9.1 is up to that task. Once the boom is attached, the 18-wheeler can lift up to 2.6 million pounds 47 stories high. But what’s truly amazing is that once the job is done, the boom is detached and the truck can drive back to its home base on the same roads as everyone else.

As of the time of the article, there were only 10 of these bad boys on the road, and Popular Science cites industry estimates of a price tag between $5 million and $10 million for each one. They also take 8 months to manufacture, with an assortment of highly complex, heavy duty, and stunningly powerful components.

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