The Benefits of a 120 Ton Liebherr Crane Rental

Liebherr Crane 120 TonAstro Crane offers a variety of cranes to meet people’s needs and the 120-ton Liebherr crane is a popular model featuring a 171’ main boom with a 23’ boom extension.

Looking for a powerful crane? The 120-ton Liebherr 4-axle crane can handle extremely high lifting capacities when fully raised. Jobs like erecting radio masts that would normally require a 5-axle crane can often be done with this 4-axle mobile crane. 

Why the 120 Ton Liebherr Crane is so Popular

So what are some specific features of the 120-ton Liebherr crane that make it popular? First, there’s ECOmode. A crane operator can set the required working speed using the control lever and then the crane control system calculates the best engine speed for the diesel engine, thereby minimizing fuel consumption and noise emissions. Next, there’s ECOdrive which helps reduce engine speed making it quieter while minimizing fuel consumption as well. Meanwhile, faster gear shifting gives the operator greater traction off-road. Thirdly, there’s Hillstart-Aid which allows the machine to start on gradients safely and easily without rolling backwards.

Also, there’s VarioBase, which enables each outrigger to be extended to a different length, thereby enhancing safety (especially in constricted spaces). VarioBase also helps increase lifting capacities. Additionally, there’s VarioBallast which increases the crane’s flexibility. This feature allows the ballast radius to be changed quickly to two different settings– the smaller radius works for constricted conditions while the larger radius is used when higher lifting capacity is needed. Finally, the Liebherr crane offers WindSpeed load charts that help increase an operator’s flexibility and safety.

In New England, when you need to rent a crane, call Astro Crane at 978-429-8666. Discuss your needs and find out if the 120-ton Liebherr crane is right for the job you want to do– and if it’s not, there are plenty of other options to choose from because Astro Crane maintains a large and versatile fleet. Companies working in cities like Hartford, Providence, Boston and other New England cities often call Astro Crane to rent cranes for various projects.