Don’t Overlook These Facts When Renting a Crane

Crane RentalSo you’re thinking about renting a crane from a company like Astro Crane… while this is a good idea because it can save you time and money, it’s also something to give some thought to, and there are things to consider before signing a contract.

There Are Crane Rentals Available for a Wide Variety of Construction Projects

First, there are different types of cranes. Is your project residential or commercial in nature? Your answer will determine the type of crane you’ll rent. For instance, a crane to be used on a commercial office tower will need to be able to lift heavy loads up high compared to a smaller job on a residential two-story house. The bigger the job, likely the bigger the crane you will need. Nevertheless, often you can get by with a popular boom crane, which is convenient yet

Look at the Crane Rental Company’s History

Next, consider how long a rental company has been in business and their overall experience doing what they do. Ideally, you’d like to hire someone from the crane rental business to operate the crane because he or she knows that particular crane inside and out. With time comes experience, and crane rental companies thrive when they have experienced workers who know what they’re doing and can minimize errors and accidents. Experience and safety certainly matter! 

Certified Crane Operators and Ancillary Crane Related Services

Renting cranes might involve the need for other services including storage or repairs. You’ll also want to look for certified crane operators and make sure the company you rent from is a professional, time-tested one with a good reputation. You can read online reviews or ask around to find out what people are saying about certain companies. 

Not all crane rental companies are alike. It’s a good idea to do some investigating on the Internet first, and then make some visits to various companies in your region to see what they have and get a feel for their customer service– or lack thereof. Then you can make an educated decision whether or not to rent from a specific company.

Learn more about crane rental services in the New England region by calling Astro Crane at 978-429-8666. We have years of experience and have seen it all when it comes to construction projects featuring cranes.