How Does a Tower Crane Work?

Tower CraneIf you drive through any big city, there’s a good chance that you’ll see at least one or two tower cranes hovering high above the city’s skyline. Tower cranes play a very important role in the construction of modern-day skyscrapers and other large structures. Without them, construction companies would be unable to put together most buildings from the ground up. Here is how tower cranes work.

Tower Crane Assembly is a Long Process 

When you look at a tower crane high up in the sky, it might not seem like it would be all that difficult to put one together. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! It can take weeks to deliver all the various parts for a tower crane to a job site so that it can be assembled.

It all starts with a crane company creating a sturdy concrete base for a tower crane, which can often weigh as much as 400,000 pounds. From there, the company will add pieces to form a vertical base before topping it off with an operator’s cab and a turntable once the base is high enough. The working arm, also known as the jib, is then connected to the turntable, and a hoist and hook are placed on the end of it for lifting heavy items. There is also a counter-jib that’s added on the other side of the jib that contains counterweights as well as electronics and motors for the tower crane. From there, the crane is assembled.

Tower Cranes Are Vital to Construction Sites 

Tower Crane SetupsOnce a tower crane is put together properly, a construction company can begin using it. A crane operator sits inside of the cab and uses the jib to pick up heavy items and move them around on a job site. But the crane operator doesn’t work alone. There is also someone in charge of planning out each lift and someone else in charge of scheduling lifts and making sure lifts are performed in the right order. There is someone who stays in constant contact with the operator, too, and warns them about any signs of trouble. This allows the crane operator to lift heavy items and move them around without encountering any major issues.

De-assembling a Tower Crane 

After a construction company is finished using a tower crane, they’ll dismantle it one piece at a time. They’ll take the same steps they did when putting the crane together, just in the reverse order. Since the worksite will usually have less room to move around than it did prior to construction starting, it’s important for a crane company to take the proper precautions to take a tower crane down safely.

Crane Rentals in New England

Crane OperatorsTower cranes are essential for those companies that specialize in creating tall buildings. With a lifting capacity of 19.8 tons and the ability to reach up 230 feet, tower cranes are used for a wide variety of jobs.

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