Construction In Massachusetts Is On The Rise

Massachusetts Crane CompanyWhen projects are not being drawn up and structures are not being be built, construction jobs are hit the hardest, with thousands of laid off workers. Six years ago, Massachusetts suffered a similar predicament.

Now, according to Greg Beeman, president and chief executive of the state chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc., there is a worry there are not enough qualified trade workers. It is difficult to schedule a networking session for general contractors and subcontractors because there is too much work to be done to spare anyone.

What we do know is the state’s construction employment has risen and is now 149,200 employees, which is a 40 percent increase. In 2010 it plummeted to just 106, 500.

Not only is the employment rate up, so is the pay range. The most recent data provided by the state Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development showed $1,330 a week during the third quarter of 2015. That is a rise of 11 percent in salary from five years ago.

In the state of Massachusetts, it looks like there is going be at least two years of work available. These massive projects are permanent plans with financing already in place.

Some of these projects include:

  • $1 billion dollar natural gas fired power plant in Salem
  • $950 million dollar casino in Springfield
  • $21 million dollar Hilton Homewood Suites hotel in Worcester
  • $90 million dollar apartment complex in central Massachusetts

There are many other projects in Massachusetts needing the construction industry due to plans for renovations and additions.

The years of 2008-2011 hit the state’s construction industry the hardest. With the worst of the recession behind the state, it seems as though the construction industry is in good standing.

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