The Advantages of Renting a Boom Truck

What are boom trucks? They’re a type of craning and transport unit. Similar in design to a flatbed truck, they typically come with a rear mounted boom crane, which can lift and place various kinds of loads. Some come with things like a 20,000 ft/lb hydraulic auger. Most modern boom trucks are user-friendly, with wireless radio remote controls and an integrated LMI display.


Boom Truck Uses

Who might use boom trucks? Well, fire and rescue as well as construction workers and pipe-layers might need a boom truck to do their job. Companies often ask themselves, “Should we buy our own boom truck or rent one?” In many cases, it just makes sense to rent boom trucks rather than incur the cost of owning and maintaining “our own boom truck.”

Reasons to Rent a Boom Truck

So why rent a boom truck? Most traditional cranes take quite a while to set-up and their site has to be prepared beforehand, which also takes time. Typically, traditional crane set-ups require putting together several components on-site, and it’s a complicated process. Boom trucks, on the other hand, streamline the process because they’re literally a mobile machine. Utilizing a boom truck results in quicker turnaround time on a project.

They’re Versatile

One of the major reasons companies rent boom trucks is their versatility. They take up less space than traditional cranes, they’re able to move around on-site, they don’t involve too many steps to operate, and they can oftentimes get to remote locations. Boom trucks can perform some of the same functions as many different machines, like a flatbed truck.

They Help Reduce Expenses

Renting a Crane

When a company is looking to reduce costs, renting a boom truck makes sense because it doesn’t need the same set-up/takedown time that traditional cranes do. In industries where “time is money,” that’s important. Boom truck cranes typically require fewer laborers to operate compared to other types of cranes, so there’s a cost-savings there. Renting a boom truck is less expensive than buying one. Rather than tie up a company’s money in owning a truck, it’s cheaper to rent one. Furthermore, you might not need a boom truck “all the time,” so why buy one that just sits idle? Owning a truck comes with added costs, including maintenance costs over time. Moreover, ownership requires dealing with insurance and licensing and training operators, etc. It can be a burden for a company, rather than a blessing. Don’t forget storing it somewhere and having to pay to fuel it, too.

For businesses who like to be flexible, boom trucks should be rented rather than bought. This is especially true in uncertain economic times when things like recessions and market volatility are an issue.

Finding a Reliable Crane Rental Company is Critical

Most companies don’t have every single machine they truly need to do all the jobs they’d like to get paid to do. That’s where rentals come in handy. If you can find a reliable company that’ll rent you a boom truck or two, like Astro Crane, then your company can take on more (and different) jobs without assuming too much risk when it comes to money and profits.

Boom trucks are especially helpful when you have to move heavy construction equipment and need to access a roof. These trucks can offer customizable solutions when it comes to weight capacity, boom length and accessories. Again, they’re versatile– more so than other cranes. It’s no wonder boom trucks are popular– they are used on a wide variety of projects. They function as cranes but are cheaper to rent and use compared to most cranes. And besides lifting objects, they can be used to lift workers and move them from one position to another– quite handy for things like trimming trees, for instance.

Do you have a construction site that could benefit from a boom truck rental? Need a versatile crane? Whether your project is big or small, consider renting a boom truck from Astro Crane of New England. We have quality equipment available for rental, including our 30 ton boom truck and our 33 ton boom truck.

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