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How Cranes Are Transported and Stored

Transporting Construction Cranes

Have you ever looked up in the sky at a tall crane and wondered, “How in the world did that crane get here?”? It’s one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the construction industry. If you walk through almost any city in the U.S., you will see tons and tons of cranes dotting the skyline. And… Read more »

The Evolution of Construction Cranes

construction crane

Without cranes, modern society would not look like it does. Cranes are responsible for so many of our societal achievements, like the grand skyscrapers of Boston, Chicago, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York, and other cities. From offices to houses, restaurants to hotels, and, indeed, most buildings today, cranes have played an important role. Manpower is… Read more »

Who Invented the Mobile Tower Crane?

Tower Crane History

While cranes have been around for thousands and thousands of years now, the tower crane first came into existence back in the early 1900s. Many cities all across the world found tower cranes to be advantageous because they allowed construction companies to put up buildings without taking up too much space. But the one problem… Read more »

Cranes Indication of Chicago Development

There’s no doubt about it: Chicago is growing. As more people discover the delightful city of Chicago, including an affordable cost of living, beautiful parks, abundant cultural opportunities, and great food (deep dish pizza, anyone?), the construction industry is booming to keep up with demands. Among 12 major American cities, Chicago had the highest number… Read more »

NASA and Cranes Join Forces

It’s always exciting to see a crane in action – but it is even more exciting to see a crane working together with a spaceship. On March 6th, NASA utilized a team of powerful hydraulic cranes to precisely place one of only four retired NASA Shuttle Training Aircrafts. The shuttle can now be viewed by… Read more »

Nashville Sees Surplus of Cranes

As more and more construction companies are breaking ground in Nashville, there has been a noticeable uptick in crane use in the area compared to other major U.S. cities. “Crane counts through the end of 2016 indicate steady construction activity overall, with residential and mixed use developments leading the market at a combined 68% of… Read more »

Cities that Saw a 2016 Construction Boom

Throughout 2016, our blog focused on different cities that experienced construction booms. Many United States cities, such as Seattle and Boston, saw a surplus of cranes and construction. The “Construction Boom of 2016” is expected to continue strong through 2017, in fact, Seattle already has a significant amount of cranes at work.   What cities… Read more »

Taking a Look at a Famous Crane

Believe it or not, there are several construction cranes that are considered historical. The “Titan” is one of the largest floating cranes in the world, and has quite the historical background. This crane was actually built due to a request that was made by Adolf Hitler. It was built in Germany in 1941 and the… Read more »

Wakeboarders and Cranes Become One

Silhouette of COntainer Cargo and Crane Bridge

A massive harbor crane was recently the star of an insanely intense wakeboarding show. Wakeboarders Dominik Gührs, Felix Georgii, and Dominik Hernle teamed up with Red Bull to wakeboard using a crane referred to as the “Wake Crane Project.”  We have one suggestion: Don’t try this at home.  (Although in reality, you never could!) The… Read more »

Are Construction Cranes Art?

If you lived in Buffalo, New York, during the past few decades then you would have been surprised when the formerly depressed city suddenly saw five cranes dot its skyline in the past two years as new buildings went up. For many young people it was the first time they’d ever seen cranes in downtown… Read more »