How to Prepare Your Site for Crane Delivery and Setup

Crane Assisting LandscapersAstro Crane rents cranes around New England and these cranes are used at various sites for various projects such as construction jobs. When you rent a crane and you’re anticipating its arrival on-site, what are some things you can do to prepare for crane delivery and setup? 

Necessary Paperwork

For starters, you’ll want to fill out the necessary paperwork involved with renting and using the crane. Look over the details and make sure everything is stated to your liking– and sign where needed. Also, get permits that you’ll need in advance. You’ll also want to look into site insurance. Does the crane company include liability insurance or not? Do you need to provide it? There’s a bit of paperwork that has to be completed before a crane is on-site.

Let Your Crane Rental Company Know What You Need

Next, it’s important to communicate your needs with the crane company to make sure you and they are on the same page with the rental. Share details about the nature of the project and include key information like the nature of the terrain involved, the type of crane(s) being used, the load weight/height of the load, and/or crane travel distances involved. You can also discuss how the crane will get to the job site and what needs to be done to make sure it can get there safely and fit where it’s intended to go once there. 

Know the Area

When evaluating where you’ll be using the crane, look for any overhead obstructions such as power lines, trees, or buildings that could interfere with the crane’s movements. Next, identify and mark any underground utilities to prevent accidental damage during setup or operation. Additionally, take note of environmental concerns, including nearby water bodies or protected areas, which might affect the placement and operation of the crane.

Before a crane arrives, make sure the site has the space to accommodate it. Move other pieces of equipment out of the crane’s way. Clear out other obstacles. Make sure power lines and/or tree branches aren’t in the way of the path you intend to use. Speak with landowners to make sure they’re okay with your plan on how to get the crane “into” or “onto” the property. Perhaps the site owners’ insurance company needs to sign off on the delivery. 

When the crane arrives and is being set up, be sure to secure all loads, follow safety rules and ideally do a pre-site inspection to analyze conditions and make sure everything’s “all set” for safe crane performance. 

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