Crane Purchases Versus Crane Rentals

Okay, you have a job to do and you need a crane to do it. Do you rent a crane or buy one? What are some of the pros and cons? Well, you’ve come to a good place to find out… Construction Crane Rentals If you’re thinking of renting a crane, there are several “pros.”… Read more »

Here’s Why a Construction Crane Fails

If and when a crane fails, there can be injuries, loss of life, and high damage costs. Meanwhile, there’s also time lost “on the job” while the crane is taken out of service and repaired or replaced with another one. Oh, and the incident needs to be investigated, too. In the world of construction, where… Read more »

What Can Renters Do With a Boom Truck?

A boom truck has many uses. For example, it can be used as a crane, a flatbed truck or a personnel hoist, lifting workers high up in the air. Thanks to its hydraulic extension that can be used for various hoists, a boom truck is a versatile vehicle. Its capacity depends on how much tonnage… Read more »

How to Find the Right Crane Rental

Are you thinking about renting a crane? What are some questions you should ask when renting cranes? There are different types of cranes that can handle different functions on job sites. Think about what you’d need a crane to do– would it be to lift and install heavy mechanical equipment, for example? Or perhaps you’re… Read more »

The Evolution of the Tower Crane

Tower cranes are responsible for some of the world’s biggest and tallest skyscrapers. After all, you can’t build things that tall without some help! Before the 1900s, cranes weren’t ubiquitous like they are now. In fact, in the 1800s for example, rudimentary tower cranes were lifting tools featuring a boom attached to a rotating base… Read more »

Should My Company Rent a Boom Truck?

When should you consider renting a boom truck? If you plan to work at a construction site and need a truck with a crane at the rear of the truck that can be used to lift heavy items, then it makes sense to rent a boom truck. If the construction site involves projects that don’t… Read more »

Things to Know About Timber Crane Mats

When you use heavy machinery, such as cranes, it’s important to also use mats underneath. Crane mats are designed to support both the weight and the movement of heavy machinery. Built from high-quality, durable materials like timber, crane mats are used for support and stabilization purposes. Heavy Duty Typically, timber crane mats are made of… Read more »

An Examination of Tower Cranes

If you ever visit the downtowns of big cities like Boston, Providence or Hartford, you’re apt to see tower cranes dotting the urban skyline. Tower cranes are used to move heavy items around construction sites, so of course they’re used to construct skyscrapers in cities. Tower cranes, no matter how tall or strong, all have… Read more »

What Crane Operators Should Be Focused On At the Jobsite

What’s the worst that could happen on a job site when operating a crane? The crane operator could make a bad move that results in someone losing his or her life. That’s the worst thing that could happen. So, crane operators have to be ever-vigilant, fully aware of their surroundings and always having safety as… Read more »