How to Maintain a Crane’s Chain Hoist

If and when you rent a crane from Astro Crane, you might be dealing with a chain hoist. What are some safety tips for a crane’s chain hoist? Routine Maintenance For starters, perform routine maintenance on the crane’s hardware to make sure it’s operating efficiently. Astro Crane does this, and if/when you are in possession… Read more »

Experience is Key When Selecting a Crane Operator

If you had a classic car that you’ve spent hours and hours working on, would you trust your 16-year-old nephew to drive it? Probably not. Why? Because a 16-year-old does not have much (if any) experience driving cars. The same idea applies to operating cranes. Would you trust an expensive piece of machinery in the… Read more »

How Construction Cranes Are Maintained

Construction cranes need maintenance. How are they maintained? Typically, construction cranes are inspected by experts who know what to look for– any signs of wear and tear, missing parts, etc. OSHA guidelines should be followed, and, of course, safety is paramount. Cranes can experience problems that need fixing… and this could be due to corrosion,… Read more »

How to Maintain Construction Cranes in the Summer Heat

It’s summertime and you know what that means: sunny days and hot temperatures, even in places like Boston, Providence and Hartford. Hot weather isn’t just for Florida! If you’re using or renting a crane in the summer, how can you best take care of it? Cranes Need Shade Too Ideally, when it’s sunny and hot… Read more »

The Types of Engines Used in Tower Cranes

If you see a construction site in a city, you’ll likely see a tower crane there, too. These giant, tall towers rise hundreds of feet in the air, dotting many city skylines. They can lift heavy loads to extreme heights. Since they’re pretty expensive to own, many construction companies look to rent them instead– using… Read more »

Static Vs Mobile Cranes

There are a lot of different types of cranes, including two main categories– static and mobile ones. Static cranes work in place and typically aren’t moved around a job site, while mobile cranes can be more easily moved. Mobile cranes usually have a telescopic boom and are cable-controlled, which makes for a quick setup. Of… Read more »

Crane Purchases Versus Crane Rentals

Okay, you have a job to do and you need a crane to do it. Do you rent a crane or buy one? What are some of the pros and cons? Well, you’ve come to a good place to find out… What Should You Know About Construction Crane Rentals? If you’re thinking of renting a… Read more »

Here’s Why a Construction Crane Fails

If and when a crane fails, there can be injuries, loss of life, and high damage costs. Meanwhile, there’s also time lost “on the job” while the crane is taken out of service and repaired or replaced with another one. Oh, and the incident needs to be investigated, too. In the world of construction, where… Read more »

The Evolution of the Tower Crane

Tower cranes are responsible for some of the world’s biggest and tallest skyscrapers. After all, you can’t build things that tall without some help! Before the 1900s, cranes weren’t ubiquitous like they are now. In fact, in the 1800s for example, rudimentary tower cranes were lifting tools featuring a boom attached to a rotating base… Read more »