Avoid These Common Construction Crane Issues

Crane supervisor watching a liftWhat are some common issues with construction cranes? There are several issues you might encounter.

Alignment and Crane Skew Issues

First, consider alignment and crane skew issues. Basically, the crane is supposed to track properly but it doesn’t and this could be due to stress or damage. When this happens, expect accidents, derailments, crane failures, wear on motor drives and more problems. How might you know if you’re experiencing an alignment/skewing issue? Listen for scratching or scraping sounds and look for things like loose girder connections or deterioration of rails, bearings or wheels.

Wire Rope Problems

Next, a common issue with cranes is damage to wire rope. Sometimes ropes bounce out of the reviewing system. Other times they develop corrosion at their end connections. Before you operate a crane, check its rope(s) for any wear/tear, damage or a reduction in diameter. Wire ropes should also be adequately greased. If you’ve got a bad rope, replace it!

Electrification Systems

Thirdly, there could be problems with the electrification system, such as contact interruptions (between the conductor bars and the collector), blown fuses or problems with stuck push buttons, levers, radio controls, etc.

What are some other crane issues? Hooks can become bent or damaged. There could also be excessive wear to end track wheels.

Miscellaneous Issues  

Ideally, cranes need to be inspected regularly to look for common issues or problems. You want to make sure everything is in good working order, and any worn parts or components should be replaced. That way you can avoid production downtime. It’s always good to have spare parts around, or at least know a place to get them fairly quickly if needed.

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