Why It’s Better for Businesses to Rent Rather Than Buy

Rent vs. BuyMoving heavy objects from 6 to 600 tons would require the strength of many men, but thankfully, today, there are strong cranes to do those heavy lifting jobs quickly and efficiently.

The thing about cranes is this: they’re expensive to own. You’ve got to have a large and proper place to store them, you’ve got to insure them, and you’ve got to maintain them– the costs of owning your own crane can often outweigh the benefits. Also, consider this: what about all the downtime for your own crane– when it’s not being used, it’s just sitting there, taking up space, not making you any money!

Astro Crane got its start in 1980 as a one-crane operation, and over time it has grown to become New England’s major crane rental provider. With a fleet of over 20 heavy duty industrial and hydraulic vehicles available for rent, Astro Crane can get you what you need for the time you need it for the price that makes sense. That way you are able to keep costs down and profits up– and isn’t that what business is all about? Yes, it is.

When you have a job that needs a lifting/rigging crane, don’t pay a huge amount of money to take on the burden of owning your own crane that you don’t know what to do with/where to put after its useful period is over. Instead, rent a well-maintained crane from New England’s premier crane rental company– Astro Crane.

For crane rental info, call (978) 429-8666 or email matt@astrocrane.com.