Why It Makes More Sense to Rent a Crane Rather Than Buy One

Rent or BuyOne thing is for sure: as time goes on, prices go up. Back in 1980, two guys—Rick Marshall and Martin Wright—started their own company to do welding and steel fabrication in Massachusetts. They had one crane.

Today, the business has grown to become “Astro Crane Services,” with a fleet of over 20 cranes that get rented out all over New England for various jobs. Astro’s hydraulic cranes range from 8 to 600 tons, and are all monitored and maintained by a handy crane fleet crew.

One of the main reasons a person or company would want to rent a crane from Astro instead of buy a crane is most obvious: cost. In an era when money is tight, why invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to own a crane you may only use a couple times a year? Instead, rent a crane for a lot less money, and then, when you’re done, it goes away and is no longer your responsibility.

Heavy lifting requires cranes. Astro Crane Service not only has versatile and durable cranes to rent to various projects requiring such heavy lifting, but also the experienced crane operators to go with them. Astro Crane Services can deal with the risk(s) involved in heavy lifting, taking the burden off your shoulders.

If you plan on using a specific type of crane almost every day for years and years, by all means buy one that suits your needs! For those unexpected times you need a specific type of crane to get a job done, rent one from Astro Crane—New England’s premier crane rental company.