What is the Job of Crane Spotters?

Crane Spotters Whenever you are conducting a lift with a crane, you will need more than just a crane operator to do it. You will also need a crane spotter who is qualified to point out any problems that could potentially pop up during a lift. The crane spotter plays a very important role in the overall operation of a crane, even though he or she doesn’t actually get inside the crane and maneuver it around.

What Do Crane Spotters Do?

The first thing crane spotters need to do is analyze a crane and its various components to see if there could be any issues prior to a lift. From there, the crane spotter will determine if the crane is equipped to take on a specific lift. The last thing you want to do when conducting a lift is try to use a crane to pick up a load too large. It could be catastrophic.

Once a lift starts, a crane spotter will then switch gears and watch the load as it is being lifted. He or she will try and spot problems like a twisted chain or a load coming too close to a nearby obstacle and let the crane operator know about it before it’s too late. While crane operators are trained to move slowly and keep an eye out for any danger, there is usually a lot going on during a lift. So having a crane spotter is important and will add an extra layer of protection.

Throughout a lift, a crane spotter will need to communicate with a crane operator both through hand signals and the use of verbal commands. If any issues arise, the spotter will need to spring into action and get the attention of the crane operator so that a lift is stopped immediately. This will ensure the safety both of the operator and those on a worksite, and it will make sure a lift goes off without a hitch.

At Astro Crane, we encourage all crane operators to work closely with a crane spotter during lifts. We also work to supply companies with the cranes they need to complete the jobs they are working on. Call us at 978-429-8666 today to schedule a crane rental.