What Does a Crane Operator Do for a Jobsite?

Professional Crane Operator

Few people are more important to a construction jobsite than a crane operator. With their knowledge and skill base, crane operators possess the abilities to handle some of the the most complex machines onsite. Here’s why they’re so important to any jobsite using cranes.

Construction Crane Operators Keep Everyone Safe

Crane operators undergo thorough training to learn how to carefully maneuver equipment large enough that it can carry the heaviest of items. That being said, machines that strong come with an inherent danger; one false move or one unfocused maneuver could cause a tragic accident. As such, having the right and most qualified crane operators on construction job sites is crucial to keeping everyone as safe as possible. The presence of a crane means an increase in odds for accidents, and the only way to drastically reduce said risk is to have a trusted professional crane operator onsite.

What’s more, experienced crane operators know how to deal with the ultimate variable—the weather. No amount of training or studying a book can really compare to the experience of knowing when it’s safe to use a crane and when it’s not. Sadly, too many accidents occur because cranes were used when they shouldn’t have, such as during a strong wind storm, after icy conditions, in a downpour or at other times when Mother Nature made it unsafe to use them. By having a qualified crane operator on the jobsite, he or she will know whether or not it’s time to move forward or give it time to let Mother Nature’s poor weather past.

Crane Operators Check of A lot of Boxes

Safety is the priority for any jobsite and having a crane operator around to check out equipment and make sure everything is in place to use and is strategically located is crucial. Undoubtedly, a crane operator will make sure the equipment is ready to go, and perhaps just as importantly, he or she will make sure you’re using the right type of crane. Keep in mind, there are myriad crane options, and it may take the professional eye and a certain experience level of a crane operator to know which crane to use for a particular job.

Crane Operators

A crane operator does much more than what their name entails. They set up the machines and cabling and prepare the hoist for the lift by testing it to make sure everything is on point. From there, they make sure everything is properly leveled and the maneuver is safe, and make certain the right attachments are installed.

Crane Operators Will Help the Bottom Line

When working on a new job, all construction companies have the same end goals—to stay as close to budget as possible and to be as efficient as they can to maximize the return on their time. By enlisting the help of a professional crane operator, you can help improve your overall bottom line. The reason being that rather than spending precious capital on cranes, you can instead rent and them and use the services of a professional crane service company, who will provide everything you need, including access to mobile crane rentals and operating services. Ultimately, crane operators are like swiss army knives—they’re versatile and do many things, further improving the bang for your buck.

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