What Crane Do I need to Rent?

Renting Cranes It can be confusing trying to figure out which crane you want to rent for a construction project. Do you want a heavy-duty tower crane that will stay put for weeks to come—or a truck-mounted crane that you can roll in and out as necessary throughout the duration of your next job? Here are some of the considerations you should make when trying to pick out the right crane rental.

How heavy are the materials you’ll need to lift with the crane?

All crane rentals are not created equal when it comes to how much weight they can pick up and move around. If you have materials that are on the larger and heavier side, you’ll need to go with a crane that’s capable of picking them up. If, on the other hand, you have materials that aren’t all that heavy, you can get away with renting something that’s not quite as heavy-duty. It all depends on the materials you’ll have on your site. Make sure you check to see how much they weigh and how much different cranes can lift.

How much room will you have on your construction site for the crane?

If you don’t have a ton of extra room on your construction site as is, setting up a gigantic crane right in the middle of it might not make much sense. You might also want to be careful about which crane you rent if you have rough or uneven terrain on your site. You need something that’ll fit well within the space and that you’ll be able to maneuver safely on your site.

How long will you need to use the crane?

Renting a crane over a long period of time can be pricey. It’s why you should think about how often you’re going to use a crane on your construction site during your project. If you’re going to use it each and every day, setting up a tower crane might be well worth the investment. But if you’ll only need to rely on a crane rental a few times throughout a project, choosing a more mobile option would probably be the right move to make. You can use it on the days when you need it and take it back to the place where you rented it from when you don’t.

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