What Are the Causes of Crane Tipping?

Crane TippingCranes can incredibly useful on construction sites. They can be utilized to pick up heavy loads and move them around. However, one of the dangers of using a crane to conduct a heavy lift is that it can tip over if you aren’t careful. Take a look at a few of the common causes of crane tipping below.

Loads that are too heavy

Not all cranes are created equal. There are some that are specifically designed to handle very heavy loads and others that will only be able to move a certain amount of weight. Before you start a lift, you should check to see the loading capacity of your crane, and you should never, ever exceed it. You could end up tipping your crane over and causing serious damage if you attempt to lift a load that is beyond what your crane can handle.

Unstable ground

The ground located on a construction site is usually not ideal for a crane. Cranes need a nice level surface that is dry and stable. That’s not what you’ll typically find on a construction site. The ground may be uneven, and worse, it may be wet and even muddy in some areas due to rain and a lack of proper drainage. If you attempt to use a crane on this kind of surface without a crane mat to hold it steady, it can become unbalanced or slip and slide during a lift and tip over. It’s always a good idea to use cranes on flat surfaces. You should also consider anchoring the crane in place before you use it.

Operator error

Even if all of the conditions are perfect and you are using the most heavy-duty crane on the market, you could still be susceptible to an accident if you have a crane operator who makes a mistake. If an operator attempts to move around too quickly with a crane or if an operator accidentally hits something with the crane, it could fall over. Crane operators should be able to devote all of their attention to a lift as it’s happening, and they should have the proper licenses and training to handle any situation.

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