Tips for New Crane Operators Performing Lifts

Crane Operators If you’re a new crane operator, you should avoid completing crane lifts before you have the proper training and certifications in place. There are also a series of steps you should take to prevent an accident from occurring during the lifts you do early in your career. Check out some helpful crane lift tips for new operators below.

Always inspect your crane thoroughly before you start a lift.

You should never jump directly into a crane and start using it before inspecting it. Each time you plan on using a crane, you should get into the habit of conducting a full inspection on it. If you’re not sure what to inspect just yet, have a more experienced crane operator walk you through the process. The last thing you want to do is run into trouble because you failed to inspect your crane properly.

Take a look at your rigging gear as well to ensure it’s in good working order.

In addition to inspecting your crane, you should also take a good look at your rigging gear to make sure it’s ready to lift up whatever it is you’re going to be lifting. Almost 60 percent of crane accidents occur as a direct result of a problem with rigging gear. You don’t want to start a lift and then realize your load isn’t rigged up the right way. It could make the load unsteady or even cause it to fall to the ground.

Stay in constant communication with your coworkers while conducting a lift.

Communication is key for new crane operators. You’re inevitably going to be taking on tasks you’ve never performed before. If you run into an issue, it’ll be good to have someone who can talk you through it. You should also communicate clearly with those around a crane before beginning a lift. It’ll allow them to be conscious of what you’re doing and steer clear of getting into your way.

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