Tips for Maintaining Construction Cranes

Crane Maintenance People need to take good care of construction cranes because they’re valuable, helpful pieces of equipment. When maintained well, they can last a long time and serve their purpose as needed.

As for tips for maintaining construction cranes, you should have a maintenance checklist and use it, recording any problems you find or repairs you make in the crane’s maintenance logbook. This way, other people will know specifically what has been done to the crane and when it happened. Obviously, you should follow what the crane’s manufacturer’s manual tells you to do with regards to maintaining the crane properly, as well as adhere to your company requirements.

Inspecting a crane should be done when its engine is off as well as later, when it’s turned on, in order to get a true idea of what’s working and what needs fixing.

Rope sheaves should be unloaded. Unwind all wire rope from the hoist drum. Visually inspect all wire rope hardware, paying attention to sheaves, sockets, thimble joints, etc. Are there any worn bearings or broken flanges? Do the ropes need any re-lubrication? Worn or dry ropes can and should be replaced.

Inspecting the crane structure and its various accessories involves looking for cracks and corrosion, as well as excessive wear, deformities, and any loose bolts or rivets. With regards to the hydraulics, do you find any leaks? Are hoses, pumps, and motors all working? How are your fluid levels and do the air cleaners need replacing?

Finally, check the control mechanisms and monitoring devices to make sure they’re operating properly.

Paying attention to the little details through routine maintenance check-ups can save you headaches from big problems later on down the line.

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