Things to Know About Timber Crane Mats

silhouette of crane and worker in construction site

When you use heavy machinery, such as cranes, it’s important to also use mats underneath. Crane mats are designed to support both the weight and the movement of heavy machinery. Built from high-quality, durable materials like timber, crane mats are used for support and stabilization purposes.

Heavy Duty

Typically, timber crane mats are made of heavy and solid timbers joined together by steel bolts in order to create mats that are 4 or 8 feet in width and up to 40 feet in length. Generally, the timbers are 8, 10 or 12 inches thick. Thanks to their design, timber crane mats can be used by contractors to create larger and/or different-sized/dimensioned mats depending on construction needs.


Why are crane mats used? Well, they help protect workers and equipment while also protecting the surrounding environment from damages like erosion. It’s like they help create a safe and stable floor for people and machinery.

Crane mats can help with construction work that is being done in remote areas or on uneven surfaces. When used properly, timber crane mats help reduce the risk of a crane tipping over. Mats help cranes stand firm, holding their proper bearing as intended.

Besides being used with cranes, crane mats are also used to create temporary roadways or bridge decking. They can also provide excavation support.


Crane mats have three ratings– A, B and C. These ratings indicate the quality and previous wear-and-tear, such that Grade A are the best– like new, minimal signs of use, and Grade C, as you’d guess, means they’re quite used/worn and may have parts missing.

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