The Importance of Hoist Brakes

Hoist Brakes Cranes rely on a slew of moving parts when conducting a heavy lift. All of these parts must work together in order for the lift to go off without a hitch. One wrong move and a load could come crashing down or cause damage to nearby objects and structures. It’s why you need to be educated about how the various crane parts work when you are crane hoisting.

What Are Hoist Brakes?

Some of the most important parts on a crane are called hoist brakes. Hoist brakes are used by those utilizing overhead cranes, and they are absolutely essential when it comes to keeping everyone on a worksite safe. Hoist brakes are designed to keep a load steady and hold it in place when a hoist motor is not running. The hoist brakes are in place specifically to reduce the risk associated with picking up heavy loads. If they aren’t working properly, a load could fall and cause injury or even death. The fall could also result in extensive property damage.

Crane operators should inspect their hoist brakes regularly to ensure they are working properly and don’t need maintenance. Additionally, they should be mindful about how much weight they are picking up with a crane prior to carrying out a lift. Hoist brakes need to be applied automatically when a hoist motor is shut off, and they also need to be able to support the full weight of the object being picked up by a crane. Otherwise, hoist brakes could present a serious safety issue.

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