The Importance of Specialized Lifting Equipment

Cranes have proven over and over again how instrumental they are in industries where heavy lifting is needed. As loads get heavier and heavier, the demand for specialized cranes and proficient operators gets higher.


Specialized lifting equipment like mobile cranes are responsible for lifting and moving heavy and awkward loads such as transformers, turbines and other plant related vessels and products. As warehouses and manufacturing facilities re-structure their spaces for new equipment, the need for assistive equipment to move things in tight spaces also increases for example.


In an online article from American Crane & Transport magazine, an in-depth look is taken at the multiple uses of specialized lifting equipment, like cranes.


The company Crane Service Inc. was provided a job to install a natural gas turbine that was 35-feet, 7-inches long, 10-feet, 2-inches wide and weighed 123,500 pounds. The company stated that the site where the turbine was to be installed was very tight, only 10-inches of available space. By the use of a Grove GMK 7500 crane, the job was a success.



Atlas Enterprises was awarded the job of moving an extremely large object, a 215-foot, 480-ton super yacht. The yacht had a swimming pool on deck that also served as a helicopter pad. The space available in the yacht’s fabrication facility was not large enough to get trailers under the yacht, making for a difficult move. Even though specialized dollies did the trick of pushing the yacht out of the facility, a crane was very much needed in order to lift the assistive equipment.


We’ve seen the same types of demands all over New England.  Our operators are often asked to fit large objects cf4c680e07b311e3aa2d22000a1f9a45_7-300x300into awkward spaces, and we always do what we can to make sure the job gets done properly, proficiently and above all else, safely.


If you are in need of a crane, be sure to contact AstroCrane. Not only are our specialized cranes efficient in getting the job done, we even have operators available to help maneuver the crane. For more insight on the benefits of specialized lifting equipment, read the full article in American Crane & Transport magazine.