Should My Company Rent a Boom Truck?

30 Ton Boom TruckWhen should you consider renting a boom truck? If you plan to work at a construction site and need a truck with a crane at the rear of the truck that can be used to lift heavy items, then it makes sense to rent a boom truck.

If the construction site involves projects that don’t require the use of a larger tower crane, then commercial boom trucks work well– and they’re quicker to get to the construction site. Because they’re essentially cranes on trucks, they offer good maneuverability. They can fit into tight spaces and offer the versatility of hauling material right on (to) the boom truck itself.

What are some examples of where a boom truck would come in handy?

Heavy Lifting

First, there’s the need to lift heavy materials, such as wood beams, to elevated working sites. Next, boom trucks help with cutting down tall trees, especially when foresters are working on old growth trees and need to then transport logs away from the site. Also, boom truck cranes can be used to actually transport materials from one place to another if and when they’re secured on the flatbed part of the truck. And boom trucks work well in hard to reach areas. They can also be used for material placement, moving materials quickly and easily. Sometimes they’re also used to hoist lift workers in the air, too.


Renting a boom truck gives you the option of using it for its crane as well as for its hauling ability as a flatbed truck. When you need to hoist items or people, boom trucks are a good choice. Their capacity depends on the length of the boom as well as the tonnage capacity that’s specified by the manufacturer. Oftentimes, a heavy item can be placed on the flatbed part of the truck so it can be transported where it needs to go, and then the crane on the truck can move and lift it to where it specifically needs to be on site. For example, if there’s a heavy air conditioning unit that needs to go on top of a small building, it can be delivered and placed using a boom truck. If and when the truck has a basket for people, that basket can be lifted to get workers high up in the air to do their work if needed.

Boom Trucks for Rent in New England

Astro Crane of New England rents a 30105-D boom truck. It features a 30 ton lifting capacity, four boom sections, and a 105-foot telescopic boom length that’ll help with a wide range of jobs. It also has a 20,000 ft/lb hydraulic auger with wireless radio remote controls and an integrated LMI display.

For more information about renting boom trucks and/or cranes in New England, please call Astro Crane of Boxborough, Massachusetts, at 978-429-8666 or use the online contact form, here.