Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Doing Boom Lifts

Safety Tips When Doing Boom Lifts Construction companies use boom lifts on job sites to complete a wide variety of tasks. Boom lifts can give your employees access to areas of a worksite that they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Nevertheless, when using boom lifts, your employees need to be as safe as they can possibly be at all times. Here are a few safety tips that you should always keep in mind when using boom lifts.

Make sure boom lift operators have the proper training.

The person in charge of operating boom lifts on your construction site should have the credentials to do it. They should have previous training working boom lifts and a ton of experience operating boom lifts. Never allow someone to work on a boom lift if they don’t know exactly what he or she is doing!

Avoid going over a boom lift’s weight limit.

All boom lifts have a weight limit. You should avoid going over that weight limit at any time since it could cause your entire lift to tip over. If possible, you should try not to go anywhere near the weight limit just to be safe. You’ll need to keep the weight of any workers in a boom lift as well as the weight of tools and materials in mind when figuring out if you have too much weight in a boom lift at one time.

Steer clear of using a boom lift on windy days.

Boom lifts are heavy-duty pieces of machinery. As a result, you might be under the impression that they’ll hold up just fine in the wind. You can use them if there’s a gentle breeze blowing through the air. But if you’re thinking about using a boom lift on an especially windy day, you should think again. Your boom lift could potentially tip over if winds get to be too strong.

Let workers inside of a boom lift know that they need to wear their harnesses.

No matter how much experience someone has working in boom lifts, they should always wear a harness when they’re working in one and secure it to their bucket. The chances of a person falling from a boom lift are minimal, but if they happen to lose their balance for whatever reason, their harness could protect them from sustaining serious injuries.

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