Removal of Tower Cranes

At AstroCrane, we carry cranes of all sizes, from the 8-ton size Terex cranes for work on individual properties and households, to large commercial cranes that can extend up to 380 feet in the air. The smaller cranes can serve a vitally important role in the use of removing extra-large tower cranes from building structures. Though these tower cranes are hugely important in the construction of tall buildings and skyscrapers, when their purpose has been served, they can become an eye-sore to the community, and most people want them down.

Cranes are similar to pulley systems that transport heavy building materials both horizontally and vertically. Many different varieties of cranes are utilized for skyscraper construction. Sometimes the crane is placed on top of the structure itself, but mostly it attached to a towering scaffold placed next to the building.

Tower cranes are commonly used on major constructions, rising up to hundreds of feet in the air. They are used to lift extremely heavy building materials, such as concrete and steel; but once their work is done, they must safely be removed from the construction site.

tower crane removalTower cranes need to be dismantled piece by piece as they are removed, and are usually made to be easily taken apart. One of the best ways to remove a tower crane, is to utilize the large tower crane to lift up a smaller crane, so that workers can use this smaller crane to lower detached pieces of the main large tower crane to the ground. An even smaller third crane is sometimes used to dismantle the second crane.

The third smallest crane is often small enough to be taken apart while still up in the air, and carried down manually by construction workers through passageways or down through elevator shafts. This is why cranes of all sizes can be vital to the completion of a building project. It can many times take a team of cranes to get the job completed and to remove the main tower crane from the scene.