The Steps to Setting Up a Tower Crane

Tower cranes are large pieces of equipment used for moving oversized and heavy objects. The base of a tower crane is stationary, and they are often used in the construction industry in large building projects, to set steel beams into place, and many times, in the transportation industry to load and unload large freight.


How to Set Up a Tower Crane

1      The mast section of a tower crane is locked into the foundation with steel pedestals. Concrete is then poured to set the mast and once the concrete is set, the tower crane can be put into place.

2      After the tower crane base has been set into place, it is then secured with nuts and bolts of industrial size and strength.

3      Mast sections are then continually added until the tower crane is the correct height for that particular construction project.

4      The turntable of a tower crane, which includes the operator’s cabin, is connected to the tower crane using the same process used to connect each mast section. The turntable and operator’s cabin, is often the heaviest part of the crane.

5      Once the turntable is installed, the Tower Top is able to be put into place. The Tower Top is connected by using four large pins to secure its connection.

There are many highly skilled workers and equipment used to construct tower cranes. The process can include the use of as many as thirteen trucks and seven crane erectors. If the crew is ample and efficient, most tower cranes are able to be erected in one day. Once cranes are erected, ropes are installed and the cranes are load tested. Many times, this process alone can take an entire day, but smaller tower cranes can usually be erected and load tested in the same day.

Our Astro Crane fleet can help set up and take down the larger industrial cranes needed around New England for large scale products.  Give us a call today to set up and take down.